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7.0 Conquest Changes

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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11.05.2021 , 09:04 AM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hi all,

Following up from Musco’s post last week, I wanted to swing around and chat about some of the 7.0 changes we are making to Conquest. We want to provide you all a heads up on these coming changes, and also go into some of the thoughts and reasoning behind them.

Update to the Personal Conquest Goal
As some of you may have noted from our most recent PTS, the goal for Personal Conquest will be increased from the previous 50,000 points to 100,000 points for “Legacy of the Sith”.

There are numerous facets to Conquest we have been reviewing:
  • The economic impacts the system has had over the 6.0 era
  • The engagement impacts of the system and how that has affected not just the individual player but how it has affected the greater community as a whole
  • How Conquest is going to be tied into the 7.0 systems and gameplay loops

We want to ensure that Conquest remains a viable and enjoyable loop for all types of players, while also ensuring that it is promoting a healthy relationship for players and the connecting systems.

We believe the starting point of all of this is in the rate of which Conquest can be completed. This rate has an immediate and direct effect on every facet mentioned above.
  • It contributes to how many additional credits are being generated per week across the game
  • How many Guild Flagship Encryptions can be obtained and thus how rapidly a Guild can progress their Flagship
  • How many characters a player decides to run through the Conquest cycle
  • Which Conquest Objectives players favor in order to maximize their goals

All of these are a direct result of the rate in which Conquest can be completed. What we have seen throughout 6.0 was that the rate of Conquest completion was not contributing to these facets in a healthy manner. It was increasing the rate of acquisition for what should be long term goals for players, promoting a playstyle of interruptive play as players hit their Conquest target and then swap out their characters, creating social pressures to participate in Conquest as often as possible, and adding to the on-going economic changes we have seen in the game over the past year.

We reviewed various goal amounts, both with their impact on the systems currently and soon to be associated with Conquest, but also with the player experience in mind. After this review, we found that 100,000 was the best bridge between the goals of maintaining the health of these systems while minimizing the impact for all players. We want to maintain that Conquest is an enjoyable system which rewards you for doing virtually anything the game has to offer, while also proactively working to ensure we can provide a healthy and responsible symbiotic relation to the economy, and additional systems and progression tied around it. We want to ensure that Conquest is still a system where players feel that they can run it with multiple characters each week, but that it is not the only way to enjoy Conquest.

Update to Objective Rewards
Starting with 7.0, Conquest Objectives will no longer reward experience or credits for completing them. We are making this change to help reduce the number of credits being generated in the game, as well as removing the experience loop Conquest has had in the past.

While Conquest is not solely responsible for some of the economic shifts we have seen in the game, it is definitely a strong contributor. The credit amount for individual Objectives was never considered high; however, over time those values begin to add up to a non-zero impact sum.

As an example of this, one of the more completed Objectives, “Missions: Story Time”, has generated nearly 64 billion credits into the economy alone. This is not taking into consideration the Credits players earned for completing the Story Mission itself (which could exponentially expand this value). As you can see, the combination of the Objective Credit reward with the Mission Credit reward is generating more credits into the game than necessary.

The removal of the experience reward is being done to help contribute toward the health of the leveling process, while also removing a self-generating loop in Conquest where completing Conquest Objectives would grant experience to level a player up. This would complete the ‘Advancement: Gain a Level’, ‘Advancement: Gain 5 Levels’, or ‘Renown: Rank Up’, thus gaining a player more experience. This loop in combination of the impact on the leveling experience are the reasons we are removing experience rewards from Conquest Objectives.

We want to maintain that the activity you are doing is the focal point and should provide the Credits and experience reward; not the Conquest Objective itself.

We hope this helps shine some light on the intent of the 7.0 Conquest changes!
David Staats | Systems Designer
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11.05.2021 , 09:23 AM | #2
at some point, you guys should just put your shovels back into the closet...

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11.05.2021 , 09:28 AM | #3
I have to wonder how much harder it will be to get to 100k conquest when they are getting rid of renown and restricting what area weeklies we are able to complete.
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11.05.2021 , 09:34 AM | #4
Genuinely have no problem with removing the credits. It's far too easy at low levels to hit conquest anyway. I would prefer a bit of rebalancing to some of the objectives - for example Operations take a lot of time to set up and then run, but reward bugger all conquest points.

But yeah, in general it's all fine. Happy with the 100k too, it'll require a bit more effort to get on alts.

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11.05.2021 , 09:42 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by DavidStaats View Post
[*]How many characters a player decides to run through the Conquest cycle
Ie, you don't want people to play many alts, clearly.

And yes, making it much harder because we'll lose the renown CQ goals.

I don't care one bit if you remove the exp/credits from doing CQ goals (although bye bye crafting leveling). I do care that you're making it impossible for us to play alts by pretty much nerfing the way of getting CQ points while doing WORTHWHILE activities, as gear fragments will be gated behind very specific activities.

It wouldn't be too hard without the horrible weekly/daily design that you want to go with, but all those changes altogether are just going to make the game suck.

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11.05.2021 , 09:43 AM | #6
My problem is not the credits or the EXP. It's the fact that I won't have a snowball's chance in Death Valley to get max gear! The highest level of gear that I can reasonably achieve, is vital to my physical well-being playing the game! I really don't think nerfing the credits will do much for the economy, it's like putting a bandage on a ruptured artery. But I can deal with it. But the solo gearing track legit scares me.
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11.05.2021 , 09:49 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by DavidStaats View Post
...We want to ensure that Conquest is still a system where players feel that they can run it with multiple characters each week, but that it is not the only way to enjoy Conquest...

I mean, all this language around what you want us to do in the game is becoming rather tiring.

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11.05.2021 , 09:50 AM | #8
So, TL;DR here is that you want to make sure the gear grind is a lot slower, and that Conquest as a whole is a lot slower, with worse rewards, to hell with anybody that actually had fun with the current system. Cool.

I'm not even gonna give you in depth thoughts here. There's no point. It's like I said in a post yesterday. We'll get more blog posts, more write ups like this, but you're not looking for feedback or player opinions here or you'd have asked for it months ago.

I wish I was wrong here, but Bioware's overall silence over the last week to the major issues players are having with 7.0 speaks volumes. The 10 year anniversary was supposed to be exciting, but the way you've packed the final month of it with crap like this has sucked all excitement I had right out. Adding that to your utter refusal to respond to player feedback and it's just been frustration. Even if the story in 7.0 ends up being amazing, it will always be marred for me by how you've handled the build up to it. The utter disdain you've shown towards the players actively trying to give you feedback and make the game better is embarrassing.

I'm sorry if this all sounds harsh, but I've tried to be nice throughout this PTS cycle and that's gotten us almost nowhere. You're not going to respond to feedback either way, so I'll tell you how it is so if you actually read this, you'll at least understand the impression you're giving your players for your big 10 year anniversary update. Spoiler: it's not good.

Quote: Originally Posted by Darcmoon View Post
I have to wonder how much harder it will be to get to 100k conquest when they are getting rid of renown and restricting what area weeklies we are able to complete.
Having gone for the Conquest goal on the PTS for the purposes of testing some of the gearing changes out, I can tell you for certain that it's a very noticeable thing. We won't know how the restrictive weeklies will impact things until we see how restrictive they are, but the loss of Renown rank ups and their points will slow everybody down in addition to the doubled goal.
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11.05.2021 , 09:52 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Darcmoon View Post
I have to wonder how much harder it will be to get to 100k conquest when they are getting rid of renown and restricting what area weeklies we are able to complete.
Not that bad for people who only have one or two characters. You can do the weekly then do dailies heroic or something and get your 100k easily.

But it's a massive nerf for alts, as weeklies only count once a day for CQ goals (is it even once a day or once a week?). Basically I'll have to run the same weekly every day for 7 alts (if the CQ goal even resets daily) then run the dailies with the rest hoping to get even close to 100k... which is going to take a while if I have to do, let's say, Nar Shaddaa heroic daily (ugh), to get maybe 50k CQ points out of it (5k per heroic, 5k for the first one, 13k for the defeat enemies goals). You can run other heroics for the rest of the CQ points but you'll get nothing except credits for them... which totally stinks.

Gosh I hate this change so much.

Also yeah, get your 150% stronghold bonus ASAP...

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11.05.2021 , 09:54 AM | #10
Focusing on underleveled players getting extra credits/experience while most of the wealth sits with the top .1% of players who have guild banks and legacy banks full of credits. Big hmm. The value of CC went up when the changes to player referral went into effect and made everything insanely expensive on the GTN. Now that credits are nearly worthless, these changes make those small amount of credits harder to obtain. I mean, 64 billion credits over 2 years to lots of low level players as opposed to the billions of credits up on the GTN today for gold augments.

We should keep rewarding lower level players for completing objectives and doing their story. The credits acquired during the story are nothing compared to the amount of credits it costs to do anything in this game. Instead, try to redistribute some of the wealth by REWARDING players for finishing first time story quests and continue to value tasks like gathering skills that require time from low level players, but give them an actual opportunity to make some credits back from the market.

And the experience loop is something that's a lot of fun. It's like the rush you feel when hitting a slot machine. Why take something away that is actually exciting and takes the grind out of some of the leveling process? Just lower the experienced gained from that specific objective rather than remove something fun from the game.
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