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Feast attire helmet bug on female bodytype 3

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Feast attire helmet bug on female bodytype 3
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TheKaterina's Avatar

10.20.2021 , 10:57 AM | #1
Hi, I'd like to report this visual bug and would like to see if others have had this issue. I purchased the feast attire helmet from the event, and whenever my character moves in cutscenes, the mesh completely glitches, covers the face and just generally doesn't seem to follow the head movement properly. The mesh also glitches when my character unsheathes their weapon, with the back of the texture sticking out and stretching as the character moves when outside of cutscenes. A shame as it's a really nice cowl looking helmet.

This is happening with a female body type 3 character (rattataki sorcerer in case it matters). I put the same helmet on my body type 2 male companion and in a cutscene it's only my character who appears glitched. I haven't purchased the helmet with another character to see if it happens on a female bodytype 2 for example.

>>Here are 3 screenshots showcasing this issue<<

CommunityTeam's Avatar

10.21.2021 , 06:28 AM | #3 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hi TheKaterina,

Thanks for reporting the stretching bug with the Feast Attire Helmet during cutscenes.

I've transferred the information and screenshots to our team. For visibility, I'll add it to the known issues list.
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