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Powertech Feedback Thread

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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10.08.2021 , 09:50 AM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
With PTS now live, you can help test the Combat Style for the Powertech.

Please answer the following questions:
  • Does the current combat rotation make this experience feel like you are playing a Powertech? Why or why not?
  • If you have feedback on the different discipline, please note your feedback accordingly so we can track it.
  • As you’re beginning from level 1, do you feel you have enough abilities that keep gameplay interesting?
  • Are you able to defeat enemies at a reasonable rate?
  • Do all your abilities feel like they’re working together?

Feel free to answer in as much detail as possible to help us understand your thought process and line of thinking.

Thank you!

EDIT: Added additional feedback questions.
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10.08.2021 , 12:14 PM | #2
Half the tree just says "passive" unable to figure out what the build is even supposed to do.

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10.08.2021 , 12:56 PM | #3
That channeled flamethrower looks very cool and getting heals on PY is nice but can we have the ability descriptions in a skill tree? I have no idea what am I supposed to choose xD

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10.08.2021 , 12:57 PM | #4
Let me start off by saying, I am not an expert in Powertech, but I do use Pyro for NiM raiding even though it's not my main. The info below is based on only Pyrotech.

Important changes I noticed so far:
  • Close and Personal doesn't do damage anymore by default. Need the utility from utility tree.
  • Power Yield renamed to Thermal Yield. Can stack up to 5 times.
  • We have to choose between Hydraulic Override and our single target stun Electro Dart
  • We have to choose between being a glass cannon by choosing the Close and Personal Utility and not choosing the utility that reduces aoe damage by 30% or be tankier and do less damage.

My initial thoughts:
Overall, I think it sill feels like Pyro PT. There are some interesting passives in the lower level, where you can be a little more aoe oriented or more single target. However some of the choices are painful. I feel like Jet Charge should be a built in ability, rather then it being a choice. It is our main gap closer. Currently, both our gap closers, Jet Charge and Hydraulic Override, are choices. It also hurts to choose between Hydraulic Override and our single target stun. In PvE, this may not be a big deal but in PvP this choice seems bad.

Ability Tree choices

Level 15:
  • Primed Ignition: Flaming Fist causes your next Immolate to deal 10% more damage
  • Open Flame: Flaming Fist does cleave damage to 4 enemies in 10m radius
  • Uknown

Level 20:
  • Jet Charge (Note: you lose Jet Charge if you don't take this).
  • 2 charges for Grapple (Note: You still have 1 charge of grapple if you don't take this).
  • Unknown

Level 30:
  • Mandalorian Warhead: Fires a missile that explodes on contact, igniting the target for XX elemental damage and an additional X damage over 15 seconds. Replaces Incendiary Missile.
  • Primed Rail shot: When you deal damage with Incendiary Missile, your next Rail Shot applies Burning Shot. Dealing elemental damage over 12 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.
  • Unknown

Level 35:
  • Boiling Point: When activating Kolto Overload you gain Boiling Point. This allows your Thermal Yield to gain an additional stack and return damage to attackers or your next Sonic Missile will heal allies and grant 10% damage reduction. (Not sure if this is a reflect?)
  • Chilled Retribution: Activating Energy Shield gives 25% movement speed. Taking damage reduces cooldown of Carbonize.
  • Unknown

Level 50:
  • Pyro Shield: Energy Shield ignites in blaze dealing elemental damage back to attackers.
  • Gyroscopic Alignment Jets: Vent heat when stunned, immobilized, knocked down.
  • Iron Will: Reduces cooldown of Determination by 30 seconds and Hydraulic Override by 10 seconds.

Level 60:
  • Reflective Armor: When Close and Personal is triggered, it will do XX damage to the attacker within 10 meters.
  • Hitman: Interrupt cooldown reduction by 2 seconds and AOE damage reduction by 30%.
  • Suppressive tools: Magnetic Blast, Flame Burst, Flame Sweep slows enemies by 25% for 3 seconds.

Level 70:
  • Shield Cannon: Should cannon heals for 3%.
  • Hydraulic Override: Yes, it's a choice.
  • Electro Dart: Yup, our stun is also optional now.

Level 80:
  • Enhanced Paralytics: Increases stun duration of Electro darts by 1 second and carbonize by 0.5 seconds.
  • Sonic Rebounder: Sonic Rebounder.
  • Efficient Suit: Allows Kolto Overload to be activated while stunned and causes Kolto Overload to purge stun effects when activated. Basically one of our utilities currently.
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10.08.2021 , 01:38 PM | #5
*Does the current combat rotation make this experience feel like you are playing a Powertech? Why or why not?
Yes, AP PT feels pretty much the same.

Things of note. The following icons have no descriptions:
Lvl 10 Yellow icon (poweryield)
Lvl 15 Middle icon
Lvl 35 First and second icons

More to follow as I test....
When choosing the passive to make Retractable Blade an AOE you'll often get additional Retractable Blade animations.
Jet Charge's Battering Ram's animation fails to animate depending on the distance to target.

Although the rotation is pretty much the same, on a whole AP PT is now less than it once was. Placing essential abilities like Jet Charge, Hydraulic Overrides, and Electrodart as choices actually weakens us. We still have low DCD. We have no cure and have to rely on shield and kolto overload. PT's are in the thick of the action and need more not less.

Even out some abilities to make them fire out our blaster. EVERYTHING comes out our left bracer. Very lopsided. Either add Shatterslug and Energy Burst to our blaster or get rid of the blaster entirely and give us a Polearm.

The channeled Flamethrower is an iconic ability for BH. It's in in our Recharge and Reload animation. IT SHOULD BE BASELINE FOR ALL POWERTECHS. I would gladly give up that stupid Optimus Prime refrigerator Deadly Onslaught off my back for it.
I like the options given at lower levels for more AOE.
I feel the Flame Detonation tactical should be baked into Thermal Detonator.
Heal from Shoulder Cannon or Hydraulic Overrides? Hydraulic Overrides should be a base skill.

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10.08.2021 , 02:11 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Voroschuk View Post
That channeled flamethrower looks very cool and getting heals on PY is nice but can we have the ability descriptions in a skill tree? I have no idea what am I supposed to choose xD
Please, for the love of all thats holy, give this iconic skill back to all specs...
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10.08.2021 , 06:45 PM | #7
As always I will provide my reasoning behind the choices for my builds and how they overall feel.

Starting with shield tech


Overall it doesn't feel too different from how PT plays in live, my rotation is pretty much the same with the added option of turning firestorm into the original flamethrower if I ever want to. Only complaint is the choice between electro dart and hydraulic overrides. But I quite enjoy the new passives.

As for Pyrotech here is my textwall

Overall not too different from live, I like the extra synergy between abilities.
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10.08.2021 , 07:07 PM | #8
So, although I haven't dug deep into the new PT tree, from what I am seeing for feedback so far is same stuff, different day.

Getting tired of BW publicly claiming they "listen to the community"; then when they put stuff up on PTS and ask for our feedback, they completely ignore us!

We, the community, have been beachin that the upper level choices are asking us to cut an arm off and still play as if nothing has changed.

Yea the core rotational abilities are there, it is in the utility abilities (stuns, CCs, CDs, etc) that we have to choose between that are the killers and make the new trees not feel like the classes we are used to. It's like playing level 808 content with level 60 abilities on our action bars.

With the release of the current classes, being so buggy, it is painfully obvious that the devs are being rushed to get this content out. At this rate, a release of 7.0 in December or early January is not looking good. It will either be garbage and full of bugs or incomplete.
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10.08.2021 , 10:10 PM | #9
Before I get into my current review/opinion of Pyrotech, I just wanted to echo the previous posters and ask you guys to please bring back Flamethrower for all specs, it's an iconic ability for PTs and shouldn't have been removed IMO. And if you ask me, I would gladly sacrifice Searing Wave and the mobility it gives the class to get my favorite ability back.

Now as for my experience playing around with Pyrotech. It pretty much has the same playstyle from the live version of the game and the only real thing that's new are the utilities, most of which are passive and don't really have an impact on the rotation. The two exceptions here are Open Flame, which turns Flaming Fist into a cleave capped at 5 targets, and Mandalorian Warhead, which turns Incendiary Missile into a single target nuke with a 15 second CD. Normally, I would talk about some of the other utility options but quite a few of them don't have descriptions.

Open Flame is nice because it gives us more options for our AoE rotation but Mandalorian Warhead honestly feels quite awkward to use, the added burst damage is nice but it slaps a hefty cooldown onto one of the spec's main dots. This makes having to deal with priority adds in certain encounters a pain to deal with. My suggestion is to consider reducing the cooldown to make it less punishing in that regard.

Also, regarding the level 20 utility row, Jet Charge is the clear winner and is way more useful than a second grapple charge. Especially for a melee dps spec like Pyrotech because we need to be able to get from Point A to point B if a priority add spawns during an encounter and especially in PvP where gap closers are worth their weight in gold. I would honestly considering keeping Jet Charge as a baseline ability because it easily beats out the other options on that row imo. And in its place I would add Pneumatic Boots from the current utility tree on live.

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10.09.2021 , 02:19 AM | #10
Been playing PT since launch.

This is arguably the worst it's ever felt. Our only escape mechanic, Hydraulic Overrides, is actually a CHOICE in the talent tree and competes with our hard stun. What?? Jet Charge is an option?? What??

It seems the team ran out of time and you literally threw the decent existing utilities into this tree and mixed them with some of our base abilities.

Jet Charge should never be a choice.
Hydraulic Overrides should never be a choice.

These are core abilities. We have the worst DCDs in the game, the worst survivability, terrible (read: no) mobility, and now you're taking away our only means of escape?

We need Jet Charge, Hydraulic Overrides, and Electro Dart baseline.

Reduce the damage of all abilities by 10%.

Provide a passive: "Beskar Plating: You gain an additional 35% armor rating from all sources, and reduces tech and force damage by 7.5%."

Replace Jet Charge talent with "Jetpack Power Boost: Jet Charge cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds, and casting Jet Charge causes your next Rail Shot to be usable on any target and deal 10% additional damage."

Replace Hydraulic Overrides option with "Resilient Overdrive: The first 2 seconds of Hydraulic Overrides provides 99% damage reduction."

Replace Electro Dart talent with "Quick Reload: Electro Dart's cooldown is reduced by 30 seconds, and it's duration is reduced by 1.5 seconds."

And for God's sakes, just bring back Flamethrower for all PT specs. It's iconic. It's cool. We all want it back. Allow Flame Burst/Magnetic Blast to build up to 10 stacks to unleash a big burst flamethrower channel..

This spec was the only one in the game that needed more survivability, and instead the current changes are going to make it worse.

PLEASE take the advice of the player base, especially the 10 year players. We are your best source of feedback.

Thanks for reading.
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