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Behind-The-Scenes Look at SWTOR Systems Design

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Behind-The-Scenes Look at SWTOR Systems Design
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BryantWood's Avatar

09.08.2021 , 09:32 AM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Heya SWTOR Community!

Iím Bryant, a Game Designer on SWTOR. Iím so glad to join you in celebrating ten years of SWTOR! (Would you prefer Tin or Aluminium?)

It canít be said enough times that your passion is the driving force of SWTOR and keeps this fire burning! One of the joys of my job is finding ways to continue fueling that fire, developing game systems you can get passionate about. Iíd love to share that joy with you, so Iím excited to bring you a ďbehind-the-scenesĒ look at how Systems Design works for SWTOR.

I hope you enjoy and Iíll catch you at the party!
Bryant Wood | Systems Designer
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JakRoanin's Avatar

09.08.2021 , 12:20 PM | #2
Thanks for this nice post. It's always good to her from the Devs. Would it be possible to know if the Crafting System will be attended to in the Anniversary? It's a clunky UI way too resource demanding and utterly depressing at this point. Any information would be massively appreciated.
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Ugolino's Avatar

09.08.2021 , 12:53 PM | #3
Thanks for a peak behind the curtain!

Have you guys considered rolling Seasons more directly into the Conquest goals? The current Season is fairly neat, and I actually feel rerolls work well, but it seems like there's a happy medium between the current "pick a few" and next season's approach - ie: Season goals could just happen as part of the Conquest loop with wider categories of objectives (ie: GSF is fine, but stuff like blowing up barrels feels a bit awkward if it's part of a very short list of options rather than just one of many ways to rack up the Season points over natural gameplay) instead of the current system that kinda requires conscious choice to play in a less natural way at times.

That said, seasons is pretty great so far and I'm excited to see what's coming up for it!

Damask_Rose's Avatar

09.08.2021 , 05:44 PM | #4
I would love more concrete details on what you do and how you do it. How do you decide what goals to set for people and what the optimal path will be? How do you decide if you achieved your goal or missed it? How do you distinguish between players enjoying the path you set out for them, or simply gritting their teeth to get to the shiny the best or only way?

LordCamTheGreat's Avatar

09.08.2021 , 07:06 PM | #5
I've been loving reading through these Behind-The-Scenes posts especially as someone taking a uni course based in the creative technologies field. It has been an amazing experience watching the game grow and continuously add new systems for us all to enjoy and is definitely one of my inspirations to keep learning and creating. I look forward to seeing what new systems are in store for us during the 10th anniversary and beyond!
I made a website containing notes about combat styles and ABC choices for reference while testing the PTS
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Clonelimit's Avatar

09.08.2021 , 11:08 PM | #6
Thank you for taking the time to explain the logic behind the process. These type of explanations are one hundred times better than "RNG is fun", attitude.

We appreciate the transparency

Nee-Elder's Avatar

09.08.2021 , 11:36 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by BryantWood View Post
Heya SWTOR Community!

Iím Bryant, a Game Designer on SWTOR. , developing game systems you can get passionate about. Iíd love to share that joy with you,

If only you (or someone) could explain the umm "logic" behind this recent system decision: ....and then REVERSE it (or at least modify it with a compromise? ) , because it certainly doesn't seem to be bringing us much "joy" .

Thanks for the post though. /tip-hat
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hillerbees's Avatar

09.09.2021 , 12:42 PM | #8
Thanks for posting. Its nice to see devs appreciate players and we appreciate communications with those directly involved in shaping our game, such as yourself.

Heres hoping those that write the cheques at EA/Bioware keep both you and us gainfully (and joyfully) employed for the next 10 years.

FlameYOL's Avatar

09.09.2021 , 04:35 PM | #9
I've been really enjoying these interviews, its great to get some insight into the developer's objectives and how they go about it.
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Nichos_Ketra's Avatar

10.23.2021 , 08:43 PM | #10
It's really cool to see the work that goes into this game, and the passion of the people working on it! Thank you!
It's great to see how you guys are still going, and still producing good game with great story, even after almost a decade, and still going despite all the changes to the game and staff over the years. It's also cool to see a glimpse into the systems designs that go into that.