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SWTOR Forum Guidelines

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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03.01.2021 , 11:40 AM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hello everyone,

We wanted to post a reminder of Forum rules and etiquette when engaging one another here. In order to foster constructive discussions in a safe and healthy environment, we do enforce our forum rules and expect our community members to treat each other with respect, even when disagreeing. You can read the full Rules of Conduct here, but these guidelines will help you contribute to the community and keep it a fun, healthy, and safe space for everyone!
  • Be mindful and respectful of each other even if you have differing opinions. Tone over text can be misinterpreted. Before you click ĎSubmit Replyí, think about how your tone can come across to another community member.
  • Do not attack, harass, bully, threaten, or insult another community or staff member.
  • Hate speech is not tolerated. This can include and but is not limited to derogatory or hateful comments about a personís race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, appearance, nationality, country, and religion.
  • Calling out another player, community member, guild, or brigading (group coordinated harassment) against them is not permitted.
  • Do not spam. This includes spam reporting, spam messaging, and repeatedly posting the same message multiple times.
  • Report a problematic post using the report function so our team can review it. If you see negative comments being posted that violate our rules, please report them. Engaging can further spread the toxicity.
  • Creating false reports can result in actions being taken against your account.
  • It is at the sole discretion of the Community and Moderation Teams to remove content that they believe violates the Forum Guidelines and/or Rules of Conduct or is otherwise objectionable even without receiving a report of a potential violation.

Helpful reminders:
  • If you have issues with your account, please contact Support here.
  • If you need to report a player outside the forums for harassment, cheating, and/or abuse, please go here. Choose STWOR as the platform and follow those steps.
  • The Bug Report sub-forums and their guidelines can be found here.
  • The STAR WARS Discussion sub-forum is for any topic that is Star Wars related but non-SWTOR. The Off Topic sub-forum is for any topic that is outside of SWTOR and Star Wars as a whole.

Any post that has been determined to be in violation of our rules will be removed. It is at our teamís discretion if further action must be taken against any account that has broken our rules.

We will always strive for the Forums to be a healthy space for everyone who wants to participate in conversations here. Please know that the Community Managers and Moderation Team are working together to review player reports, keep the forums organized, provide our teams with important information from the Forums, and are always helping point players towards helpful information.

Thank you,
Community Team
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LogicalSwordsman's Avatar

01.11.2022 , 12:00 PM | #2
So funny that with these guidelines, the forums can be such a toxic place.

Guess the mods really are blind.

TheVoyant's Avatar

01.12.2022 , 10:35 AM | #3
Its mostly that people have difficulty understanding one another and often project their views over others. Often from a perspective that doesn't take other viewpoints or stances into account.

It also doesn't help that grief is high at the moment, as players get closer to an expansion that has created more dread then excitement.

You mostly get people trolling against criticism here for some odd reason. For the most part though I've seen more unity in the base as of late then not, as we're mostly in agreement being unhappy with how little content we've gotten and getting unwanted changes on top of it.

Its the internet though. Really easy to be rude in safety.

Tofu_Shark's Avatar

02.16.2022 , 03:26 PM | #4
I really think the guidelines for each of the forums, especially the General forum and Suggestions sub-forum should be updated to what Bugs sub-forum states (not that anyone will read it):
Quote: Originally Posted by CommunityTeam View Post

General guidelines about reporting bugs
  • Please search threads to see if someone else has already created a bug report and add to that instead of creating a new thread. This not only helps keep info in one spot, but it is also easier to update one thread with a resolution/answer rather than tracking down multiple. Duplicate threads can be deleted, merged, or locked.
  • Create one thread for each unique bug. This assists with tracking and keeping conversation and additional reporting to one issue at a time.

Too many members treat the forums as if they were Reddit and Discord. This makes it extremely difficult and beyond frustrating for the average person to search for information that probably already exists on the forum, so they just post their own thread, exacerbating the problem.

Totemdancer's Avatar

02.16.2022 , 08:08 PM | #5
Iíd love to know how youíre supposed to hold specific Bioware leadership accountable for mistakes or question their poor decisions when you canít name them.
All that does is paint the whole of Bioware as being responsible for the problems and not the 1-3 people ultimately responsible for the decision making (which isnít good for staff moral).
As long as you arenít insulting them or threatening violence, then you should be able to use their names to direct your anger or disappointment or question their bad decisions without being sanctioned for doing so.
Deleting players negative feedback, anger and disappointment at Bioware leadership is only sweeping the problem under the rug,
The more that happens, the more resentment it creates and causes players to leave or find other social media venues to express their feelings.
All I can say is, I hope that isnít going to happen this time.

Lord_Malganus's Avatar

07.02.2022 , 02:23 PM | #6
Being too sensitive to deal with well written and constructive criticism posts by removing them, is a sure way to lose revenue.