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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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11.20.2020 , 03:34 AM | #10011
Quote: Originally Posted by JediQuaker View Post
You should have replied that he should have used kolto to heal himself up. 🙄

The koltos in Veteran mode FPs give a large burst heal to the player that uses it and a smaller HoT to the rest of the group. They are designed to be used by the player who needs the health. They are not meant as a general 'heal' for the whole group**.
And, being a veteran FP, there is no specific need for a 'tank'. This means that even a tank (or someone who's 'playing' tank) should take care of their own health and not assume that someone else will play 'healer' for them. (There is no problem with 'breaking agro' in a vet fp - after all, most vet fps are done by 4 dps.)

** It's sad the number of times that I've been on my way to the kolto, to heal up, and some doofus clicks the kolto 'for me' before I get there, resulting in me dying from the next attack. 😏
hmm I was tanking some vet fps on NA the other week, and a couple extremely helpful dps were hitting kolto when I was getting below 30%, and I was being healed to full by that, so idk about the small hot
never got to use my ED even
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11.20.2020 , 10:31 AM | #10012
All right so yesterday's evening while trying to finish my weekly on my powertech I had yet another weird flashpoint run. This time it was Master Mode Copero, one of the DPS quit and then we quickly replaced it with a level 74 Sniper, while not ideal I figured I would give the group a chance (other DPS was also low geared) before quitting and looking for another group.

We ended up dying a few times to the adds, and at one of the wipes in the adds the healer lets out they're new to the flashpoint, then the other two DPS, I think "Oh ****" but figured again, I should give those people a chance and explaint them the mechanics so I let them know that when they're new to a flashpoint its the first they should let people know, though I will give them credit for at least saying that before the first wipe like some people do.

Cue in the healer asking how bad could it be, I reply something like "boy you have no idea what you got into" its not a big deal to me but I figured I should've let them know the flashpoint was hard, hopefully didn't came across as elitist or dickish. Then one DPS, whose class I forgot (not the sniper), says "not bad, you only need two braincells to play this game" to which I reply "playing with only two braincells is what usually gets people killed".

Now reminder, this guy hadn't completed the flashpoint, I tried to check his legacy before he left but couldn't since the window closed after he rage quit in the last wipe. Essentially we died again, the healer while well geared (Irating was 306) couldn't keep up, and the DPS wasn't the best either which got the other guy to nag at the level 74, which got him to say he'll quit, which he did. I can understand it being frustrating but this elitist attitude coming from a guy who hadn't even completed the flashpoint on master mode

The healer says something though I don't remember what, rude DPS calls everyone else bad and leaves, I call him out on whisper about his behavior by saying if he wants to call other people bad he should at least complete the flashpoint on master mode first since he had already left and then he insults me with "fatty", guy can't even be creative with insults, then adds me on ignore which prompted me to ignore him as well.

The healer and the other DPS leave and I got to queue to another flashpoint, ended up with Umbara but couldn't finish the last boss due to lack of healing, though my healer wasn't bad he was just poorly geared. But the group was nice, polite and respectful to each other, despite some doubts about mechanics since some members were either new or returning players.
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11.20.2020 , 06:18 PM | #10013
After posting this I realized it could be perceived as a response to the previous post which was detailed and had a specific instance. I've rewritten this post so many times once I realized my timing and placement of this rant. In no way was my intention to disagree with the previous. In fact I found the previous post refreshing. Mine is more global. Based on numerous (and growing) experiences. Time is an issue for all of us but...

SpaceBar Nazi's are weird. And not in a good way. If only Group Finder could discern between - I'm in a big hurry and This is my first time here or I like the animations. They have their point of view granted. But in a group so do others. SWTOR doesn't need cyberbullies.

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11.21.2020 , 05:43 AM | #10014
Weird people - I had a few of them.
Two player from one guild, that treated Blood Hunt like Hammer Station and just jumped into everything - one was a guardian dd and the other a scoundrel helaer, who didn't heal at all (nor did they do damage). They constantly rushed through everything, in one of the habitat areas, they even started the fight with the mini boss there, while the rest of the group was still outside.
They were very rude too and when the fight with the couple came, we wiped because the two got themselves killed by standing in the stupids and the healer again didn't heal - not even himself. Most of the time he just stood there doing absolutely nothing. The other dd had some choice words for those two and did quit, the guardian did quit without saying anything and I left too, because I didn't want to be stuck with that 'healer'. I did ask him, if he was new to healing and needed some advice (my main toon is a scoundrel healer, I play her since 2012), but I didn't get any answer. So I left too.
One day later I had a Blood Hunt with a similar constellation but other players and it went just fine, no problems at all.

Then there was an Assault on Tython with a level 75 Commando, a level 40 guardian, a level 50something scoundrel dd and me, level 75 sage. It went quite well until the commando, who got killed by one group announced, that he wouldn't 'tank' anymore and the guardian should do it. We pointed out, that the guardian is the lowest level here and that everyone can die once in a while in a fp, but he was adamant. The poor guardian did use his taunts in the fight - I tried to attack first, but I think, he wanted to proof, that he can do it - and he did a surprisingly good job. The scoundrel and I helped him with some healing, but the commando did nothing - he didin't even pick the guardian up, when he died once and the scoundrel and I didn't know where he lied after the fight. He just told us, where the guardian was, but did not pick him up - as if the guardian did something to him. Which was kind of strange, because apart from the moping commando, we had a blast - some conversations, some jokes, we other three had a really good time. I explained the bosses to the guardian, who did the fp for the first time and all was well - apart from our commando diva. A really strange person.

The last one was just this morning - a Hammer Station. I was in there with my level 56 shadow. The others were a level 75 sentinel, who did the pulling, a level 25 scoundrel dd and a level 75 sage 'healer'.
The healer was really unpleasant - they attacked the sentinel for using a kolto once during the fight with the tunnel droid, because he had too many stacks (healer didn't cleanse) and lost health quickly. After that the healer called him '*******' and told him, he wouldn't get any more heals. They did continue to nag the sentinel after the fight until we came to the other big group at the bridge. Someone accidently aggroed the two big droids in addition to the other mob groups and we wiped. The healer was healthy and standing in the background. I know, that they were there during the fight, because they were running in front of me and I did reach the fight. I did ask, why they didn't heal us and they responded, that they weren't there and of course called us '*******' again. I told them to watch their language and that I saw them in front of me, so they were there, which brought more insults.
So I decided, I don't want to do this, told them, what a toxic person they are and that their healing is subpar, put them on ignore and left.
I'm still mad at that person, because they really ruined the run for the rest. I don't know, if the otehrs finished with that person, I did get off and did some work here at home right after I left the fp, but I really don't get, why people are so mean sometimes. I'm really glad for Legacy ignore.
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11.24.2020 , 03:42 PM | #10015
I have anotehr one - some level 75 scoundrel in Directive 7. It doesn't matter, what we others had as classes and levels, because the scoundrel just jumped into the first droid group before we were even remotely close, getting themself killed and left the group without another word. We found a new player quickly and everything processed smoothly after that.
That was a bit of a Leroy Jenkins moment
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11.24.2020 , 09:53 PM | #10016
Quote: Originally Posted by Fylimar View Post
I have anotehr one - some level 75 scoundrel in Directive 7. It doesn't matter, what we others had as classes and levels, because the scoundrel just jumped into the first droid group before we were even remotely close, getting themself killed and left the group without another word. We found a new player quickly and everything processed smoothly after that.
That was a bit of a Leroy Jenkins moment
He probably felt too embarrassed by the suicide pull lmao

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11.24.2020 , 10:32 PM | #10017
This kinda happens to me doing Foundry doing the 1st boss, this random PUG dies quickly on the 1st boss AOE.

As a Sith Sorcerer I got combat revive then started to revive this PUG then suddenly rage quits. It snowball resulted to squad swipe. Another Sith Assassin new player lvl 75 the same PUG that doesn't use out of combat CC also rage quits.

Some people just doesn't wanted to learn the mechanics of FP. I am fine dying 2-4 times if we are new to this FP like Maelstorm Prison and Crisis on Umbara.

The best exp so far w/ Random PUG in a FP will be Maelstorm Prison, playing as GS. 1st match against Colonel Daksh we ended dying due we got new players. 2nd match getting better w/ the same PUG and I almost solo that FP boss but loses focus and become impatient. The boss almost had 30k HP. 3rd we won and we become coordinated. After that FP run smoother.

I just love playing w/ random people just wanted to play the game and learn the mechanics of the game instead of rushing the FP content.

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11.25.2020 , 02:21 PM | #10018
Fyi been more than a month I didnít touch vet fp because of the influx bad player (first timer who donít listen) that it gotten + Feast and Swoop event happened.

Try it again after the last cq reset and got 2 unforgetable memories.

1. Got a pop for Copero with a full trinity: me a merc healer 306/286, 2 dps and a lvl 58 Tank. The tank is first timer there while the other two already did it for couple of time (I always check cheevo for PUG), told them all to just run to first boss while ignoring all adds. The 2 DPS just rage quit after they died while running while the tank stick with me until first boss.

We just bring out our comps and set them to dps, the run surprisingly is smooth with no wipe lol.

2. A mando riders fp pop, all dps with 3 lvl 75 and lvl 67. Me on sent 75, shadow 75 and gunslinger 67 all normal but the other one which is a full 306 scoundrel just make me confuse af. Remember when I said I always check cheevo? Yeah shadow have only 5k cheevo point and gunslinger 1k, while this scoundrel have almost 10k.

The thing is, this one scoundrel keep using the same 3 abilities: diagnostic scans, shield probe and the roll abilites (forgot its name), I said ďdude play properly and help us dps this fpĒ. As you expect, no respone at all and of course i try to vote kick them but the other two seems donít like the idea of vk-ing someone so yeah we technically finish that fp with only 3 people and only wipe once on that 2 gold droid on the bridge above the slicing elevator by which the scoundrel pulls them. After we finish the fp, the scoundrel is another addition to my ignore list.

Sorry if not clear enough, English is not my main nor secondary. Cheers.

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11.30.2020 , 01:28 AM | #10019
Going to add another one: Got a MM foundry as a merc healer (306/286) with a 301 jug tank, 252 ops dps and a 292 sin dps. The run is smooth until 1st boss, we got wipe not once, not twice but thrice. 1st all of them die during molten, 2nd I told them to run when boss cast charge up but nope, same result. 3rd both dps still not running and die, only tank and me left but TIL (today I learn) boss can enrage.

Its baffle me on why most noobs donít even read chat explaining the mech and just run straight to it without thinking smh.

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11.30.2020 , 08:52 AM | #10020
Quote: Originally Posted by Zechalakazam View Post

Its baffle me on why most noobs donít even read chat explaining the mech and just run straight to it without thinking smh.
It definitely annoys me when you explain things and nobody seems to take your advice, similarly I've had a few runs with False Emperor like that. "Don't attack the boss until his ship is down, only use basic attacks to remove the shield." only for one of the DPS to continue hitting him, causing the bug.
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