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Mischief and Mayhem is now recruiting Imperials

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Mischief and Mayhem is now recruiting Imperials

Drakesteiner's Avatar

02.20.2020 , 07:28 PM | #1
Mischief n Mayhem is an Empire side guild. We are a laid back group of people who are looking for more people to run with. Some of us have been together for 10 years, while others just a few months. We enjoy gaming together and are always looking for people to do flashpoints and dailies with. As we start getting more people we are looking to start raiding and enjoying the harder things that SWTOR has to offer. Most of us play at night (US time zones), but we do have a few that play throughout the day. Join us on Discord if you want to get a feel for us, most the time we are in voice chat just bantering with each other. Currently we do not have a consistent healer, but that is the only thing we are actively missing. One last thing, no we are not interested in merging guilds. I know I will have at least 1 guild asking if I don't post that lol.

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02.20.2020 , 08:32 PM | #2
Sith Juggernaut lv71 ... all classes (Imperial & Republic) *unlocked* ... Player since Day 1 of SWTOR ( started on JungMa ). When that server merged, the guild I was once a part of disbanded and everyone went their own way. I took a leave of absence myself. Recently returned, I defeated GEMINI and thwarted the computer main weapon that was attempting to wipe out the essence of all organics throughout the galaxy. Now, I have completed all "STORY" modes with one exception... HK51 (I just bought that story line from the Cartel market).

And now, I am looking for a solid guild. I am 57 years young, military veteran and retired. I am strong with understanding and have great patience as well to mentor and help out. I have Discord and often use it while playing a variety of other games (such as World of Warcraft).

I asked to befriend you. Hope to be a valued member of your guild as well.
Very Respectfully,
Ron "T'anis Kano of Star Forge" Belcher
USN / California Air National Guard - Veteran

Drakesteiner's Avatar

02.20.2020 , 08:53 PM | #3
We would be honored to have you soldier, and thank you for your service!!