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2020 Greetings from Keith!

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.28.2020 , 02:41 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
Hey everyone,

I continue to play the game a lot as I believe it’s vitally important to have the same type of experiences as our players. This enables me to leverage what I learn which helps guide future changes with our game.


Which, respectfully, begs the question why is both Crafting and RNG-Gearing so damn broken?

Are you really playing the same game I am?

All The Best

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01.28.2020 , 02:43 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post

[*]We will really have a big focus on quality of life

  • Proper LFG system covering all playable content
  • 64 bit game client
  • Something newer than DX9 that can use more GPU cores
  • Update game textures
  • AC respec or give base class access to all advanced specs
  • Open up weapon proficiencies
  • Ilum style walker escort pvp 8v8
  • Capture the flag pvp 8v8
  • Instanced Battle Royale pvp mode
  • Gsf with bots
  • Guild ship assault with weekly progression
  • New bounties
  • New rakghoul planet
  • In-game noteriety/bounty pvp system
  • Attackable npc decos for strongholds
  • True horizontal gearing like ESO
  • Seperate Huttball League (group ranked and solo unranked)
  • GTN rebuild with updated categories and commodities system
  • 3rd Neutral Underworld Faction
  • Rocket Boost as a mount
  • Remove cyborg as a unique race and add cyborg cosmetic options to all races
  • Mounts that can take extra riders

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01.28.2020 , 02:46 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by ruffolofi View Post
Something major... new class stories?
I would bet on another expansion....
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01.28.2020 , 03:06 PM | #34
I just recently came back to the game after many years to experience all the new stories and get back into the game. I am glad to see some QoL may finally be coming to SWTOR because it is behind the times in a lot of different ways, but there is still a lot of good here!

Hoping for the best and glad the game still has some life in it for the next couple years!
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01.28.2020 , 03:46 PM | #35
hey Keith, 9 year beta-tester & subscriber here. Speaking only for myself of course, but similar to many many other vet player's parallel sentiments, i have replied to your post in-full....

Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post

Happy 2020! It has been a little while since my last post
I realize u guys (and gals? ) are super busy with coding & such, but please try your best to communicate more often on these forums. It goes a long way.
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
It’s been very exciting to see so many players on beginning and core worlds, participating with older expansion content, and joining us on Ossus, Onderon, Mek-Sha and Corellia.
Agreed, except Ossus was basically rendered all but useless by 'Onslaught' from a gear/rewards standpoint.

Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
I continue to play the game a lot as I believe it’s vitally important to have the same type of experiences as our players. .
So then i presume you have the same frustrations as we do?

With things like...oh i dunno....Filing in-game customer service tickets & replies? Constant unrelenting credit spammers? Rampant ban-evading trolls & cheaters? Ridiculous abuse of Fleet 'genchat' channels with no noticeable moderating? YEARS old gamebreaking bugs in actual fun promotable content ( *coughs* example: Collicoid War Game can't even open final loot crate) ? Seeing all (or most) of the coolest items in the game always going straight to Cartel Market rather than to crafting schematics or content rewards or player-driven situations?

Just to name a few.

Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
I know a big question on your mind is, what is coming next?
Yep and imho, it needs to be something BIG and BOLD. Something significant. Something positively STAR WARS. And something that allows (and authorizes) u guys at BioWare to CROSS-MARKET with other SW related current success stories. (hint: 'The Mandalorian' series, regardless of timeline )

Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
[*]Tomorrow! – The Umbaran Patrol Tauntaun will kick off of as a “February” sub-reward. Be a subscriber at any time before Feb 29, starting tomorrow, and you will have the Tauntaun waiting for you in your in-game inbox.
If that's yet another mini-pet then sorry but mini-pets are basically worthless to almost everyone who plays the game. It's a seemingly lazy cheap gift and 1 that u guys seem to always use as an easy "goto" and often re-skin. Reward our loyalty with DECO instead. Or at least make the mini-pets have some semblance of functionality. A buff, perhaps. Or a special 'tandem attack' . Or maybe even some type of "have ___ mini-pet out to work together to access ____ location" (think: Yoda on Luke's back during Ep.5 Dagobah training)

Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
[*]Game Update 6.1 – Many of you had the chance to check out the Alderaan Stronghold and the upcoming class changes on PTS, and we really appreciate the feedback you provided. I am happy to announce (barring any emergencies), Game Update 6.1 will launch on Tuesday, February 11th.
Awesome! Definitely curious & interested in Alderaan SH ...assuming all that requested feedback was considered and addressed.

Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
[*]Game Update 6.1.1 and 6.1.2 – Our next two game updates are currently scheduled to be pretty quick on the heels of 6.1. You should expect to see these updates in the next couple of months after 6.1 is live. They will include some new quality of life changes for Conquests, more class changes, Master Mode Dxun, and more! .
Cool , but can you please provide actual details on the "changes for Conquests" ?

Secondly, please use caution & care with any "class changes" .

Constantly having to re-learn your Class & Spec over & over again every couple years isn't nearly as "fun" as u guys might think. Although it's def. way more fun than "RNG" .

But seriously, i'd much prefer my monthly $$$ sub goto new CONTENT. But hey that's me.

Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
[*]2020 – The team is working on a lot of exciting things for this year. We will really have a big focus on quality of life, updated stories, PvP improvements and much, much more. We want to ensure your time in SWTOR is very enjoyable by having plenty of activities, goals, and rewards.
Again, details are important here. What exactly do you mean by "updated stories" ???

And regarding "having plenty of activities" : imho, u guys need to really start thinking outside-the-box again. Consider things like: Opt-in PLAYER bounties (don't tell me it can't be done cuz of the game's instancing) as well as more expanding of GSF (pve quests, space mining, epic STAR Wars space + ground battles, exploration, etc. etc. etc. )

Imagination is limitless, so BioWare ambition should never be handicapped by EA budget.

Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
[*]2021 – SWTOR’s 10th year! This seems like a great target to work towards doing something major…more to come, of course, but I wanted you to know we’re already starting to plan out the next few years.
Please tell me it will tie-in to the rumored 'Old Republic era' possible TV series?

Please tell me DISNEY is not only at least aware of SWTOR's existance, but also is going to SUPPORT u guys way more in 2020 - 2021 ?

Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
Again, thanks for helping us make it an awesome experience for so many new players.

Please do more to handle the rampant trolls, cheaters, spammers, griefers, and fareweather fools who sub for 1 month but serve no longstanding purpose other than to RP how wretchid Mos Eisely Cantina must've been like.

I wish u guys luck, Keith ...and i'll continue (as i have since Dec. 2011) to prove my own critical yet dedicated $upport of $WTOR each & every month from now until Disney shuts down the game. ... /tiphat
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01.28.2020 , 03:58 PM | #36
More MMO content, Less Single-Player Story content.
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01.28.2020 , 04:06 PM | #37
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
Hey everyone,
  • *]2021 – SWTOR’s 10th year! This seems like a great target to work towards doing something major…more to come, of course, but I wanted you to know we’re already starting to plan out the next few years.
I bet in 2021 the whole equipment system will be "simplified" even more. Is there a system at all that we haven't had yet?

By the way: Most of the changes were junk. I'm just saying crew skills. Keith, do we play the same game? Because then the steering was very bad.
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01.28.2020 , 04:12 PM | #38
Hello Mr Kanneg,

First and foremost, the positive:
The new story definitely points in the right direction for me. I can appreciate you coming here to post, and still maintaining dedication to playing the game. And as an avid tauntaun collector I can actually appreciate the sub reward for once.

That being said, I have... issues that I feel are being ignored:

most important still unresolved by your post: communication. Your post here is full of vague commentary that I cannot even call a hint. It's very difficult to get excited about "quality of life changes, updated stories, PvP improvements, and much much more!" You mentioned quality of life at least twice. What kind of "quality of life" improvement? I see "PvP improvement". Every "PvP improvement" you've made has been absolutely horrible for my PvP experience, to the point where I will no longer queue without my crew. And "much much more!" Is patently terrible. What does that even mean exactly?

And then we have Mr. Musco. Are you instructing him to withhold details of everything? It has been since launch of 6.0 since we have truly had any kind of communication. The holidays have been over for a month now. I am deeply disappointed in the "new communication" tactic Mr. Musco hinted at if what we have gotten since 6.0 is any example. The end of roadmaps feels less like you want to maintain creative freedom and more like you simply don't want to tell us anything out of an obvious inability to deliver on promises you do make. If Mr. Musco has stopped talking to us at your instruction as he seemingly implied in his "new communication tactic" post, I implore you to reverse this decision. If he's just gotten lazy or you just don't care if he says anything to us via official channels or not, I implore you to get him involved more. We are a community in desperate need of leadership.

And now, on to the actual game. You mentioned "quality of life" and my quality of life in game is in desperate need of improvement.

First, as I outlined previously in an incredibly detailed post that got totally ignored: the failure to scale to 75. So you cannot create content at a fast enough rate to have only the new operations as your endgame. I'm fine with that, and was a long time ago. Your solution was to scale everything., and accept that some things are easier than others. I'm also fine with that, and was a long time ago. So now, you do not scale anything, and still have the unscaled content drop the best gear. This to me is either sheer laziness or total incompetence. EV and KP, and now even hammer station and solo stealthing red reaper drop the best gear in the game. If your goal was to even out difficulty levels, you failed miserably. Just accept it and rescale the content to 75, keeping the same mechanics. Otherwise, why did you even bother raising the level cap? An endgame of 1 operation and a flashpoint is frankly more stupid than I am capable of fathoming.

Second, you mention PvP. I find this scary. Every PvP "quality of life" improvment you have made has frustrated me. As a guild leader of a one time thriving PvP guild, your prior changes have meant I am down to 3 of us left, 2 of which are still participating only as a means of conquest completion and might wind up on high blood pressure medication if we continue.

Third, massive "quality of life" improvements need to come to crafting. It's still a disaster. I'm not a crafter, but as a guild leader, I do assist our crafter by providing anything I can that he requires. And I'm going practically in game bankrupt doing it. I shudder to think what he has spent on the process.

Fourth, the new gear. I have simply been ignoring amplifiers so far. Frankly, I cant afford to help our crafter (and thus my guild) and also optimize myself. I said as soon as you announced these things that the principle behind them was stupid. I was right. They are required for proper optimization, and are being used by you as a credit sink. Drop the cost substantially I'm talking to like 5k, or let me choose which amplifier I want for 500k. Or better yet, since your endgame consists of one operation and a FP, just nix them.

Also on the subject of gear: tacticals that are not on the vendor. My guardian pvp tactical has yet to be released, and I missed the one time my scoundrel healing one was on the RNG vendor. Please put them on the vendor or announce you're just not releasing the one that has never been seen. They're locked behind a massive credit sink anyway.

Final subject on gear: item modifications. The fact I have no way of targetting the specific optimized armoring/mod/enhancement/etc I want is astounding. I suggest adding a trade the mod for the one you want (i.e. require a 304 to get a 306 or an optimized 306 for a 306 along with credits). This adds another credit sink, which you seem to be very fond of, and eliminates rng which your player base is not fond of. Win-win.

Fifth, the new group finder operations. People aren't doing operations randomly anyway. I've learned how to game the queue with my friend and get 8 people credit for a random op, skip the random. Just add another category for one boss ops and rotate it like you do the multiple boss daily. This can also be billed as a conquest "quality of life" improvement.

Sixth, class balance. You have starter looking at this, so I can appreciate that. I would just like to comment on the issue I have noted. Mando healers, owing to the tremendous synergy enabled them with their new tactical and bonuses, are easily the best healer right now. I personally feel my operative is in a fine place at least for PvE (the few times I try to pvp with it, the lack of mobility while healing (which the tactical I want would help with fyi) and uniterruptible burst totally sucks, but that could easily be a me problem). Sages on the other hand, got totally ninja nerfed with 6.0. 4 crucial utilities are now all in the final tier, so you are stuck with a 3 of 4 scenario, and additionally the tacticals and set bonus are incredibly underwhelming. I'm not asking for a massive buff. I'm asking for a "quality of life" improvement.

The other class I will speak to is dps guardians. You have not released the tactical to reduce FD CD while being attacked, while also not scaling FD to reflect 6.0 damage levels and health pools, while also not addressing the issue we have while being focused. The easiest thing to do would be either release the tactical you claim is in the game or admit you will never release it and rescale FD. Alternately, if you feel the self heal you gave us is too good, leave it as is and make our reflect also reflect melee damage. Then it, like a mercs, will reflect all direct single target damage and function as a proper anti focus tool. If this is too powerful in conjunction with the group utility of off guarding as a dps, take off guarding away from dps specs. And while you're at it, the warmonger utility is broken too. I assume this is related to the fact that a sentinels leap can be "charged" now.

Seventh, and finally, lingering bugs. It's sad really that the ultimate "quality of life" improvement would be things like: fixing the guild window for conquest, fixing the vents in huttball/vandin/mando arena, and fixing the warmonger utility.

I recently added subscription time after Mr Musco's disappointing "new communication tactic" post for no reason other than I found a substantial post promising. Thus far I have been proven totally wrong. Mr. Kanneg, you are my last hope, and thus far, are proving very disappointing.

TLDR: I have issues with communication levels, the failure to scale to 75, the new gf, amplifiers and rng mods, crafting, fear over pvp "improvements", class balance, and lingering bugs. And I would like more than vague and pathetic "something is coming but we're not telling you what" promises.

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01.28.2020 , 04:33 PM | #39
Pointless update as usual .. "You should expect to see these updates in the next couple of months after 6.1 is live" 6.1 on february and AFTER that we need to wait couple of months for smth new then let me guess. New story again on fall? We need to wait half year again? No wonder why people asking me why i play story so slow. Bcs there is nothing to do, everything i done before 4.0, except few hm's and master mode operations.

Here what i think about 6.0, last post -

6.0 is boring and dull, only can clean shoes of Kotfe and Kotet.

~ Tsukito, Alliance Commander

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01.28.2020 , 04:38 PM | #40
This thread has enough salt aimed at Keith to salinate Lake Superior. :O
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