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Conquest Rewards Bugged Again

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Conquest Rewards Bugged Again

ChadCloman's Avatar

10.06.2015 , 08:00 AM | #11
Yes, I can verify that I didn't receive conquest awards for last week's conquest.

power-alex's Avatar

10.06.2015 , 08:11 AM | #12
35k was difficult to achieve on several toons. And here we go again - no reward. So frustrating.

Shartia's Avatar

10.06.2015 , 09:01 AM | #13
This will cause some of the hard line players to quit , they and i knew at the moment you started a patch during the break between Conquest's we would loose the Conquest data its happened to many times, now the list being gone was a dead give away, ,This was a win for our guild , and a 26 hour push to be sure we won, Planet Title for us would be Belsavis, You Need to get on this if nothing else let us Know what your doing, and Hope on your part you don't loose a lot of 0000's from the money your would no longer get after people give up on you

HumboldtLion's Avatar

10.06.2015 , 10:09 AM | #14
Well here we go again, Conquest broken, time and resources wasted, all for nothing. Seems like Bioware does not care about these things, these few things that keep me interested in this buggy game, maybe it's just time to pull my subscription and move on, there are other companies that will appreciate my money

Colow_Leper's Avatar

10.06.2015 , 01:47 PM | #15
What REALLLLY gets up my nose is being ignored - not a single response to any in-game tickets - nothing on the forums - it really is a joke.

It feels like "We've got your money, the product doesn't work properly but we don't care, if you don't like it - leave. We're not interested in even bothering to acknowledge your existence - go away little man"
Didn't we just leave this party?

Banthabreeder's Avatar

10.06.2015 , 02:11 PM | #16
I'm on the Bastion server and didn't receive any guild conquest rewards for any of my chars across 3 different guilds, all of which were in the top 10. I will submit an ingame ticket again.
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Saeten's Avatar

10.06.2015 , 04:21 PM | #17
Same here on The Harbinger. No guild rewards.
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Sapphirre's Avatar

10.07.2015 , 10:57 PM | #18
Here is a copied and pasted "Official Message"

Re: Conquest for week ending 10/6

‎10-06-2015 03:47 PM

Hey folks,

We have read a few threads about issues with Conquest rewards not being granted and acknowledge there is definitely an issue with that system. As a result, beginning on October 20th when we launch Early Access to Knights of the Fallen Empire, we will turn off Conquest events for at least the following month. Once we resolve the issue, we will let you know when to expect Conquest events to return.

For those who have not received this week’s Conquest rewards, we’re reviewing the situation and will give you an update soon.

As a note, it is likely that over the next few weeks leading up to Fallen Empire there may be continued issues with Conquest rewards being granted. If you choose to participate in Conquests between now and 4.0, please be aware you will not receive your Conquest rewards when the Conquest ends. There is no need to file a Customer Service ticket. We will attempt to grant them to those that have earned them in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your understanding.


*That is Eric Musco's statement on the swtor boards.. so that people do not have to click the link to find their official word on the subject.*