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Marauder/Sentinel Set Bonus Discussion

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Marauder/Sentinel Set Bonus Discussion
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07.13.2015 , 12:56 PM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hey everyone,

We wanted to take a moment to reach out to the community to collect ideas on set bonuses. We are looking for opinions on current and previous set bonuses as well as concepts for future. This thread will cover Marauders/Sentinels.

Note: Our intent is to have set bonuses not increase DPS by more than 5%. Please keep this in mind when posting your suggestions.

Current Level 60 Set Bonuses (for reference)
  • 2-Piece: Battering Assault or Zealous Strike increases damage dealt by 2% for 15 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 30 of seconds.
  • 4-Piece: Reduces the cooldown of Frenzy or Valorous Call by 15 seconds. Additionally, activating Berserk or Zen increases all damage dealt by 3% for 10 seconds.
  • 6-Piece: Activating Ravage, Master Strike, Dual Saber Throw, or Twin Saber Throw will grant Weaponmaster's/Challenger's Critical Bonus making your next Vicious Throw, Furious Strike and Annihilate or Dispatch, Concentrated Slice and Merciless Slash critically hit. This effect can't occur more than once every minute.
Cheers, all!
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DynamiCtagez's Avatar

07.13.2015 , 01:28 PM | #2
What's the point in suggesting something that will get ignored as usual? I'm sorry for the negativity, but please prove me wrong. For every recent patch that affected Marauders we gave you 50 or more pages of feedback and yet you **** in our face. Number one example is the self-heal nerf and the Stoic/Brazen "buff", that literally straight up ignored the feedback and then you proceeded to give the stupidest excuse ever:
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnJarynowski View Post
While the Fury/Centering generation applied by Defensive Forms (and the new Brazen/Stoic) improves the DPS and defensive output of Marauders/Sentinels who are being actively attacked, it does nothing for those who are avoiding damage or attention and allowing their team/companions to draw the target’s ire. Due to this fact, we are leaving this Fury/Centering generation skill as a player choice and not moving it to a class-baseline passive.
I really don't see the use in suggesting anything new. I'm sure others will keep trying though. Good luck.
Set bonus changes aren't needed. Other changes are needed.

I will just repeat AGAIN what I and (judging by the posts of other Maras in the past) most of the Marauder community thinks.
Reverse the homogenization crap you're trying to pull, by giving every every DoT spec the same self heal-concept. Crit-selfheal was great and fun and unique. Bring it back, give us 2% back (maybe 1,5% if you're afraid it'll be broken). Remove your fkd up DoT-spread idea in turn, this spec doesn't need a spread anyway. Simple.
Make Stoic/Brazen a baseline passive and move Expunging Camo to tier 1. Come up with something new for Heroic. Simple.
Bring the old Anni playstyle back. Fix Combat Gore window or Ravage damage. Simple.
Nothing else needed.

KaellSolaris's Avatar

07.13.2015 , 01:56 PM | #3
Didn't you just ask us this question a few pts ago ??

You already have all the answers you need, we gave them to you pts after pts.

Read them, understand them our trouble, and work.

MorgenBlue's Avatar

07.13.2015 , 02:03 PM | #4
2 piece: When you activate Force Rend / Force Melt you automatically use the /cry emote.

4 piece: When in Annihilation / Watchman Force Rend / Force Melt are removed and the damage made up elsewhere.

Sorry to be non-constructive here but you have bigger issues than set bonuses here. If you fixed Annihilation and returned it to it's true hybrid DoT style of play from pre 3.0 rather than this true DoT spec garbage I would be happy with KOTFE even without new Ops.

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07.13.2015 , 02:34 PM | #5
How about a set bonus where it changes everything you did from Post 3.0 to Pre 3.0?
maybe it could happen

Darth_Riv's Avatar

07.13.2015 , 02:37 PM | #6
No point in providing feedback on what we want for our class when it is consistently ignored.

Seems to me that the only purpose of these feedback threads is for the devs to know what they're up against in defending whatever changes they've already decided upon. Or possibly asking this in every class thread is just a pathetic attempt to distract people from the complete lack of new end game content. It certainly isn't about integrating our ideas on how the classes operate.

I'll offer this feedback to you: You have done absolutely nothing to convince me that you care about what we all think.

Zallex - Marauder <Asylum> - Harbinger

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07.13.2015 , 02:42 PM | #7
Marauders have way more problems than their set bonus right now. The other classes didn't get treated like we did so I get the feeling this thread is going to be pretty bitter. That said I don't see why you all are looking at changing the set bonuses. Honestly they are pretty much fine for all the AC's right now. Instead of focusing on the set bonuses that are all pretty beneficial to everyone right now I think you need to focus more on the class balance itself. The marauder community still hates the current form of annihilation and you completely ignored our pleas to fix it or even revert it to 2.10 when it was nearly perfect. PT/Assassin/Sorc are still pretty OP in pvp......I think you guys are focusing on the wrong stuff here.

g_mK's Avatar

07.13.2015 , 02:46 PM | #8
My thoughts:

Right now I like the buff's the set bonus currently gives though the jury is still out on which set bonus is better.
Some napkin math.
2 - piece gives 2% for 15 seconds every 30. This results in 1% extra damage.
4 - piece gives 3% for 10 seconds after zen. Zen comes roughly every 20 seconds though there is variation from spec to spec. This is a 50% up time with 3% damage bonus or an average of 1.5%
6 - piece gives about 5k extra damage every minute or 5000/60= 83dps that in a 5k parse translates into 1.67%

So far we have a 4.17% dps gain from set bonus which is below your stated goal. Changing the new four piece to be more similar to the old 4-piece will give us closer to the 5% dps goal you stated while also tilting the scales in favor of new set bonus compared to the old. Other than that, set bonuses for sentinel are good.
The ingenious gentleman Dón-Quijote de la Mancha

Emperor-Norton's Avatar

07.13.2015 , 03:12 PM | #9
No reason to change anything, they all are fine as damage increases. If we had more context like 'we don't like how much more burst is created by having an autocrit on the 6 piece. What would be a good idea for a different way of helping burst damage on the 6 piece?' we could help more. As is the question is very open ended, and they don't need sweeping reform.
plz Fix Watchman

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07.13.2015 , 03:29 PM | #10
Every other class has pages of replies to their topic, but we don't. I think we've all realized there's no point in sharing feedback that will just be ignored like when the 3.0 PTS launched, but go ahead EA. Prove us wrong. I dare you. I would say you can't do any worse, but I know better.
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