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PSA: Changes to Stronghold Titles Coming in 3.1.2 Tomorrow

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PSA: Changes to Stronghold Titles Coming in 3.1.2 Tomorrow
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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04.06.2015 , 10:18 AM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hey PvPers,

Heads up on a change that some of you spotted as being in Game Update 3.2 on PTS, it is actually a part of 3.1.2 which is coming tomorrow. The change is around three Stronghold titles, which some players are using to move around Warzone Commendations in a way we did not intend. Here are the changes:

The following Stronghold Titles are now Bind on Pickup:
  • Stronghold Label: Imperial Sanctuary
  • Stronghold Label: Republic Sanctuary
  • Stronghold Label: Starfighter's Lounge
If you have any of these titles unbound, they will bind to you as of tomorrow.


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04.06.2015 , 10:30 AM | #2
"waves goodbye to doing much pvp"

Now I have no use to do much PVP. Great job Bioware. Way to kill the game.

That's the thing. You want people to only use coms on that toon for that toon, but when you hit lvl 60 you have none or not much 60 PVP gear to PVP at 60, which makes you not do well. I am not putting up with that. Plus, you get the people yelling at you that you have no or not much PVP gear on. Not worth the stress and the hassling. The Stronghold title did away with all that, and you don't seem to understand that. It made the game MORE ENJOYABLE.

The Stronghold title made it possible to DO MORE PVP at lower levels and use those coms for your level 60's so they can all have gear and you can actually play PVP at 60. But, you have now killed that, just like you kill almost everything FUN in this game. So, you will get LESS people PVPing now, I certainly wont be much. WZ coms are essentially useless again pre lvl 60.

Grinding PVP coms at lvl 60 with no or not much PVP gear on = Not fun.
Grinding PVP coms pre-lvl 60 to use to send to your lvl 60's = Fun and healthy for all PVP.


So enjoy longer queue times people. Bye Bye.

generalstonestar's Avatar

04.06.2015 , 10:36 AM | #3
WHAT?? Come on eric! Why are you doing this to us? Why do you freeking ruin every aspect of PVP in this game? Instead of taking away this how about you point the devs towards some actual content!
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04.06.2015 , 10:37 AM | #4
A pox upon you and upon your house!

DarthOvertone's Avatar

04.06.2015 , 10:39 AM | #5
I didn't even know about this. hehe

But I have to agree with the peanut gallery. Let peeps swap WZ Comms whatever way they want. Always thought we should have a Legacy Wallet for all Comms. It's really lame that we don't.
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Cronjaw's Avatar

04.06.2015 , 10:39 AM | #6
Now you guys are just trolling us.

Arlon_Nabarlly's Avatar

04.06.2015 , 10:40 AM | #7
Their taking out an exploit, be glad they aren't going after the people who used it.

Satedbuffalo's Avatar

04.06.2015 , 10:41 AM | #8
I approve. This is for the best.
Like, a total has been.

Brunner_Venda's Avatar

04.06.2015 , 10:43 AM | #9
It's not that bad, learn what gear bolsters best, and use that.

I.e. Don't go in with all purple Rishi stuff because it bolsters terrible, I think the Makeb modded stuff gives you almost 40K health and 1900 something expertise. That's competitive. Game the bolster system a little for the week it takes to earn a set of standard Exumed PVP gear.

Nothematic's Avatar

04.06.2015 , 10:47 AM | #10
Lol, removing the only way to avoid being facerolled on a new level 60 due to the godawful bolster system that still hasn't been fixed. It's like plugging holes on a sinking ship. That, or mercilessly stabbing a dead body (wherein the body is PvP in this game).

I rarely play the game at the moment. Sure as hell not going to start playing regularly now.
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