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legacy family tree idea

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05.03.2013 , 08:12 AM | #1
Ive been thinking about this for a while, what if we were allowed to have whoever we married ingame eg the companion able to be placed as married to our char within the tree, this would make it possible to set it up so that when you have chars of different species that the family tree could make more sense.

For example say you have a trooper cyborg female, she marries aric and her and aric show as married, then if you create a cathar later that can be there child. Then you could have them marry on and either choose to have there married companion show up or another char and this way with the option the children could follow the line and be more real instead of jumping, pureblood, cyborg, rattaki etc.

Also hows about a 2nd legacy name, the second name is optional and only for show with people in your tree who are rivals, because as it stands you can set rivals but they are either brother, sister, cousin or mom or dad. Now if you had a republic knight and his rival was a imperial bounty hunter there is little to no chance that the knight and mandelorian would be related, yes there could be a chance but it would be slim to none. Obviously 2 pureblood brothers eg a knight and warrior could be rivals and share the last name but the option to have a option second legacy name could allow people to rp better. Small improvment but im sure alot would like it.
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