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Official Q&A Thread for July 20th Blog Post

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Official Q&A Thread for July 20th Blog Post
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Oakan's Avatar

07.17.2012 , 06:03 AM | #261
The hard mode denova raid is just awful. My guild is fully equiped with max availiable gear and we run KP and EV on nighmare mode as normal runs. Out of the numerous denova runs we have only defeated the first boss set (the two monsters) once. Two play issues: 1. the two bosses jump together and don;t always part again no matter what the tanks do. 2. The mobs leading up to them respawn after about five trys. This is important because after it is gettting late in the evening and the players are frustrated to see mobs respawn is enough to call it quits for the evening. The point is zero respawn.
After hearing a furious argument between playwers about raids (including lots of threats to quit the game) there are two main points. 1. Challenge is important. However if at this moment in time the players are experienced, know what they are doing and fully geared (after much video watching and trial and error), the boss mobs should be defeated at least 1 our of three times). 2. Players play for the satisfaction of winning. Real life cn be the pits but defeating the game is something that makes you feel good. So beating you head against hard mode denova is just awful. (story mode is easily defeated).
So also increase and improve the loot drops please. At least if we can defeat the first mobs then getting a chance at the new gear will help the mood of the players.

ZackAlklazaris's Avatar

07.17.2012 , 06:24 AM | #262
Is there a chance you might implement a score sheet for PVE players? Currently you have a PVP score sheet at the end of every game, (with healing, dps, objective, etc stats) but PVE has none. I would love to be able to compare these stats during Ops missions so we know what everyones strengths and weaknesses are in our guild.
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korumai's Avatar

07.17.2012 , 07:49 AM | #263
I'm just curious if there is an initial release date for patch 4.1 or if there is at least any word on what the unlock requirements are going to be for the new race?

vaargen's Avatar

07.17.2012 , 08:55 AM | #264
You have said before that to get HK-51 we need one high level character on one side and medium level on the other side, but can guildies boost low-level character to get him or is the level requirement set to trigger the quest?

Gyronamics's Avatar

07.17.2012 , 09:11 AM | #265
Regarding the Advanced Class of Assault/Pyrotech for Commandos and Mercenaries.

Will there be any thought as to redoing the luck and proc lockout timer based action point regen for this advanced class.

I say this in light of the Gunnery/Arsenal Advanced Class having their core regen skill made totally passive and a stacking buff being allowed to stack twice as fast, essentially requiring no further attention from the player.

All that on the grounds of quality of life improvement. This is a class which can realistically do a very powerful rotation with four skills.

On the other hand to control Assault/Pyrotech requires "fishing" for a 45% chance on a proc after each 6 second lockout. A 75% chance is also available on a 15s CD.

That then needs to mesh with fire debuffs on a target which themselves are a proc or they require significant action points to provide a guaranteed debuff.

So a sustained rotation relies on chance.

AllisonBerryman's Avatar

07.20.2012 , 11:51 AM | #266 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hello everyone; we'll be postponing the Q&A answers until Monday, July 23rd. We're sorry for the delay and appreciate your patience!