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Common Issues and Solutions Database
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Here you can find a collection of threads and articles which may help you with any questions you have or with any problems you are experiencing.
  1. In Game
  2. Technical
  3. Account Services
  4. In-Game Support Ticket Information

Nehsa | BioWare Customer Service - Forum Support

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Nehsa | BioWare Customer Service - Forum Support

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4. In-Game Support Ticket Information

Making sure to include all relevant information will help us process your ticket faster. If you are creating a new ticket, please have a look at the categories below.
  1. Item Restoration request
  2. Mission Issues
  3. Unable to create tickets in-game (Please send this ticket via email to
  4. Bugs

d) Reporting Bugs

To create a bug ticket you should select the following options once you have opened the Help Center:
Click on Request Help – then click on Create Ticket. On the pop-up that appears, please select the Bug Report Category.

Please note that this category should only be used to report bugs and not to report a serious problem that is stopping you from progressing in the game. Selecting Bug Report from the drop-down menu will route your ticket directly to QA. If you need assistance from Customer Service, you should select any category other than Bug Report.

When submitting your bug, describe the issue as thoroughly as you can in your own words, and include the full name of any related objects. For example, if you’re reporting a bug with a mission, make sure to include the mission name and what step you are on; if the bug is about an item, please include the full item name if at all possible. There is no need to include character statistics or location information - all of that is automatically transmitted in the background along with the bug report. Because of that, it is very helpful if you submit your bug from the location at which it occurred.

Once you have provided all the information that you consider applicable, please click on Create Ticket. You will be provided with some related information on known bugs from the Help Center, if you do not see the issue you are reporting there, please click on Submit Ticket again to confirm your report.

You can also report bugs via email to – and you can include a screenshot (if applicable) with your mail. For email reports we ask that you provide the same level of detail as outlined above.

While we cannot respond to a bug report except to acknowledge receipt, please be assured that QA will investigate all bugs reported to us.

Thank you for your time.
Ogada | BioWare Customer Service Forum Support