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R-4 Operation: Changelog/Known Issues/Status Updates

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R-4 Operation: Changelog/Known Issues/Status Updates
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03.02.2022 , 12:51 PM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hello everyone,

This post will serve as a one stop check-in that will provide a snapshot status report of all components that are being tested in PTS for the R-4 Anomaly Operation. There are four levels that will indicate where each phase is as far as availability and testability. Expect this post to be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect changes and updates regarding PTS as time passes.

UPDATED: As of 6/29/22

LEVEL 1. Content is complete and shippable


LEVEL 2. Playable/functional. May have known issues and bugs.
  • R-4 Boss: Lady Dominique
    • Veteran Mode
  • Manaan Daily Area
  • Weapons in Outfitter
  • R-4 Boss: IP-CPT
  • R-4 Boss: Watchdog
  • R-4 Boss: Lord Kanoth

LEVEL 3. Partially available. Likely to see WIP markers or placeholder UI where applicable, etc...


LEVEL 4. Not available to be tested

Known Issues:

  • It is intended that there is no wrapper mission for the Operation. Players just need to walk in.
  • The taxis will appear broken, but they will still function as needed to transport players accordingly
  • Daily Area Missions Vital Intelligence and Deep Dead Drop are working properly, however, we would like to have player feedback on the length of time it takes for them to find the correct dig site

Lady Dominique
  • ARIA may attempt to slice a conduit regulator that has already been sliced
  • Jaca's ship appears from a different side of the arena than it does in cinematics
  • Jaca plays a line that mentions dragging Lady Dominique "into the shots," while she is stationary (drag the adds instead)

Changelog as of 6/29/22

  • [NEW]The PTS tram unlock console will now open the door to Dominique's room
  • [NEW]If players wipe to the Attractor encounter on the way to Lord Kanoth, the attractor will dissapear and the there will be no way to progress. As a work around, use the PTS unlock console and use the tram.
  • There's a new gear vendor outside the Operation with 340 gear for testing veteran mode,
  • Added a console near entrance in the Operation that will unlock the tram and all the stops, allowing any boss to be skipped directly to.
  • Item Rating 330 Legendary Implants are available from AU-G5 in front of the entrance to R4 Anomaly
  • Trash mob- Droids have increased health and damage
  • Trash mob- Nihrot outside of the boss fight does increased damage
  • All bosses should be dropping loot now
  • Added new gauntlet encounter in the Overgrown Hallway (still needs to be balanced)
  • A new minor encounter has been added to the Intake Access Causeway
  • Issues with companions feeling weaker, such as them missing certain attacks, have been addressed.
  • More adjustments have been made to level shift
  • Code input terminals now become briefly un-interactable once used. This delay is longer on Veteran.
  • Disproportionate Intrusion Response no longer checks line of sight.
  • Enforcers' health has been reduced on Story
  • Floor tiles deal less damage per tick on Story
  • Some floor tile patterns have been altered to mitigate melee downtime
  • Lowered the damage of Shrapnel Wound (Veteran)
  • Shored up collision along walls to prevent climbing and hiding
  • Increased the interact range on decryption terminals
  • Terminals now play a sound effect when activated

Lady Dominique - Both Modes
  • [NEW]Lady Dominique's health has been increased
  • [NEW]Damage for Lady Dominique's basic attacks has been increased
  • [NEW]Attractor health has been increased
  • [NEW]Attractors cannot be interrupted (for real this time)
  • [NEW]The HP breakpoints for the final and penultimate phases have been increased to 15% and 25%
  • [NEW]Damage and health values for Grey Swarm Thralls have been increased
  • [NEW]Grey Swarm Thralls now occasionally leap to a random target and deal damage
  • [NEW]Grey Swarm Reapers now slow their acquired target more noticeably
  • Implemented changes to mitigate Recursive Blast breaking
  • Force Blast now deals damage as intended
  • ARIA's voice line about slicing the Conduit Regulators is no longer disrupted by the cinematic
  • Dominique now shields herself at 40% if the Conduit Regulators have not been destroyed
  • The Reaper add's fixate effect now uses a different visual tell to distinguish it from Recursive Blast
  • Energized Shot and Shadow Slash are now used more frequently and deal more damage
  • Desublimating Shadows (applied by Energized Shot) now begins the countdown to explode at fewer stacks
  • The damage from Shadow Mass (applied by Desublimating Shadows) has been increased
  • The healing reduction from Shadow Resonance (applied by Shadow Slash) has been increased

Lady Dominique - Story Mode
  • The time allotted to destroy all the Regulators has been slightly decreased on Story Mode

Lady Dominique - Veteran Mode
  • [NEW]Grey Swarm Thralls now apply a stacking defense debuff to their targets

IP-CPT - Both modes
  • [NEW] For Story and Veteran - Fixed an issue that caused Enforcers' cone warning VFX to play on the player instead of the Enforcer
  • Novel hazard patterns have been introduced for the final phase on both difficulties
  • IP-CPT's health is lower on both difficulties
  • Disproportionate Intrusion Response should now instantly kill players on Story and Veteran
  • Decreased health of Enforcers on Story and Veteran
  • Decreased the cast time of Enforcers' Inferno Protocol and Overload Protocol slightly on Story and Veteran
  • The cooldown of Overload Protocol and Inferno Protocol are now the same and have been decreased on Story and Veteran
  • Enforcers' Overload Intensification and Inferno Intensification now increase damage taken from those abilities per stack on Story and Veteran
  • Dramatically decreased the health of Intrusion ID Units on Story and Veteran
  • Increased damage for Blast Protocol: Mern (self-destruct damage if Intrusion ID Units are not defused and destroyed in time) on Story and Veteran
  • Increased the damage dealt by Positional Readjustment Grenades on Story and Veteran
  • Raised red warning lights to mitigate interference with code icon terminal visibility
  • Slightly adjusted positions of Intrusion ID Units
  • Updated the tells for IP-CPT
  • Enforcer health has been slightly decreased
  • Visibility of bombs during IP-CPT's bomb phase has been improved (IP-CPT has learned to fly)
  • Decreased Small Turret health on Story and Veteran
  • Increased damage dealt by Inferno Protocol and Overload Protocol, and changed damage type to Elemental (on Story and Veteran)

IP-CPT - Story Mode
  • [NEW]Boss health has been slightly decreased on Story Mode
  • [NEW]Slightly lowered the damage output of hazards on Story Mode
  • [NEW]Escalating Exposure now increases damage vulnerability slightly less per stack on Story Mode
  • [NEW]The duration of Escalating Exposure has been decreased on Story Mode
  • IP-CPT's health has been reduced slightly
  • Decreased damage dealt by floor tiles and wall beams
  • Fewer Positional Adjustment grenades are now distributed
  • Decreased damage dealt by Small Turrets
IP-CPT - Veteran Mode
  • [NEW]Escalating Exposure now increases damage vulnerability more per stack on Veteran Mode
  • [NEW]Increased the damage output of hazards on Veteran Mode
  • [NEW]Increased the damage from Laser Array on Veteran Mode
  • [NEW]Disproportionate Intrustion Response now takes 45 seconds to cast on Veteran Mode
  • [NEW]Enforcers now deal more damage with their Protocol abilities and basic attacks on Veteran Mode
  • [NEW]Enforcer Intensification effects have had their damage vulnerability effect increased on Veteran Mode
  • Increased boss health on Veteran
  • Disproportionate Intrusion Response's cast time has been reduced on Veteran
  • Inferno and Overload Intensification now increase damage taken from Inferno and Overload Protocol more on Veteran
  • Increased damage dealt by all Enforcer abilities on Veteran
  • Increased Small Turret damage on Veteran

Watchdog - both modes
  • Corrected an issue casing Watchdog to do more damage than intended during stalker protocol
  • Detached polarity bombs should now display their radius ring correctly
  • Updated Watchdog's missile warning color to help with readability and avoid confusion with polarity mechanic
  • Updated warning fills to not be so opaque
  • The polarity bomb visuals will no longer pop in and out between their armed and fully armed states.
  • Increased activation time of Polarized Beam.
  • Ability timing adjustments
  • Matter Disruption can no longer be clicked off.
  • Updated polarity bomb fx for clearer communication
  • Fixed polarity ring issues.
  • Visual updates for Watchdog abilities to improve player communication
  • The Watchdog encounter should now properly lock and release the phase when the encounter is engaged and reset/cleared.
  • The impact damage of the Polarized Beam attack should now properly respond to the polarity state of the target hit, as opposed to always acting as if the target has no polarity (causing it to generally hit far harder than intended)
  • Polarized Beam can no longer be reflected, because that's silly.
  • Fixed an issue where the positive polarity of Stalker Protocol was double granting its damage bonus to the Watchdog (i.e. Autospatter Mode).
  • Stalker Protocol no longer applies its full damage bonus to Polarity Bomb detonation damage (i.e. the Watchdog bumping into an opposite polarity mine no longer results in AoE Autosplatter)
    • This may be adjusted further based on feedback/observation of the new values.

Watchdog - Story Mode
  • [NEW]Reduced Watchdog's health and damage in Story mode
  • [NEW]The Missiles will no longer apply a movement speed slow and healing debuff in Story Mode

Lord Kanoth
  • Increased damage done by Nihrot tiles, and increased the penalty for Kanoth being over Nihrot in Veteran mode.
  • Increased damage of Seed of Echoes
  • When pulled, the encounter now redundantly grants all players their encounter abilities as a safeguard.
  • Added a grace period to Nihrotic Empowerment; Lord Kanoth must now be over Nihrot for three consecutive ticks before empowerment will activate. This may wind up tuned further (in either direction) based on feedback/observation.
  • Lord Kanoth should now consistently Beckon at the opening of the Surging Growth transition, even if he is doing things when the transition is triggered.
  • Lord Kanoth should no longer fail to transition to his final phase in Veteran mode if the transition is triggered during the startup of a Shockwave Apparition transition.
  • Shockwave Apparitions' Shockwave ability now hits all players within its area of effect, instead of the closest one.

**Mirrors have been added for the below**

Marauder / Sentinel
  • Redesigned “Defensive Roll” passive mod, which is now called “Steel Self”, and which now does the following:
    • Increases internal and elemental damage reduction by 3%. In addition, Activating Bloodthirst, Cloak of Pain, or Predation reduces the damage you take from area effects by 30% for 10 seconds.
    • This is now only available for the Carnage / Combat and Annihilation / Watchman disciplines.
  • Bloodthirst / Inspiration is now granted at level 51 instead of level 60
Carnage / Combat
  • Increasing the damage bonus from Execute to Devastating Blast from 5% to 10%
  • Resigned the “Quickness” mod, which now does the following:
    • Dealing damage with an Ataru Form strike reduces the cooldown of rage spending offensive abilities by 1 second. Ataru Form deals 3% more damage.
  • Redesigned the “Blood Frenzy”/"Combat Trance passive, which now does the following:
    • When Execute / Opportune Attack is consumed by Force Scream / Blade Storm or Devastating Blast / Clashing Blast, you build 1 rage / focus. In addition, you are immune to interrupts and all controlling effects for 6 seconds after activating Ferocity / Precision. The immunity effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.
  • New Tactical: Shard of Mortis (Burst)
    • Using Massacre / Blade Rush adds Hyper stacks to you, increasing your critical chance by 25% per stack and increasing the cost of your next Massacre / Blade Rush by 1 rage / focus per stack, up to 3. When you deal damage with another ability, Hyper is removed.
Fury / Concentration
  • Reduced Dark Synergy critical hit chance and damage from 20% to 15%
  • Redesigned and moved the Gravity Vortex passive, which is now a Level 51 mod choice for Fury / Concentration, replacing Defensive Roll, it reads:
    • Force Crush / Force Exhaustion triggers Gravity Vortex, granting immunity to interrupts and all controlling effects for <<1>> seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds. In addition, damage taken from area effects is reduced by 15%. [/I]
  • Changed the Level 60 passive to Gravity Defiance / Gravity Manipulation, which reduces the Rage / Focus cost of Obliterate / Zealous Leap and Force Crush / Force Exhaustion by 1.


  • Reduced Dark Synergy critical chance and damage from 20% to 15%
Vengeance/ Vigilance
  • Reduced the area of effect damage done by Shatter Burst / Branding Burst by 50%

Mercenary / Commando

  • Increased the critical damage bonus given by the Target Tracking / Deadly Cannon passive from 15% to 30%
  • Increased the critical hit chance bonus from Riddle / Rotary Cannon from 5% to 10%
  • Blazing Bolts / Boltstorm heat cost has been reduced from 20 to 16
  • Priming Shot / Vortex Bolt heat cost has been reduced from 12 to 10
  • New Tactical: Gyroscopic Stabilizers[/B] (AOE)
    • Reduces the cooldown of Death From Above / Mortar Volley by 20 seconds. Death From Above / Mortar Volley deals 25% more damage to targets affected by your Heat Signature / Gravity Vortex

Innovative Ordnance/Assault Specialist
  • Increased the bleed damage of Serrated Shot / Serrated Bolt by 16%
  • Changed the functionality of the "Incendiary Ignition" mod from giving more ticks of Combustible Gas Cylinder / Plasma Cell to increasing its damage on targets affected by Incendiary Missile / Round
  • New Tactical: Magnetic Resonance (Burst)
    • Exploding Thermal Detonator / Assault Plastique early with Mag Shot / Mag Bolt causes your next Power Shot / Charged Bolts to deal additional Elemental damage

  • Redesigned the Augmented Shields / Hotwired Defenses passive mod to additionally give: “When taking damage while Entrench is active the cooldown on Meticulous Preparation / Bag of Tricks is reduced by 2 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 3 seconds.”
  • Virulence
    • Viral Targeting / Blood Sights no longer increases poison / bleed effect damage by 10%
    • Decay grants Snipe / Charged Burst, Lethal Shot / Dirty Blast, Cull / Wounding Shots, and Corrosive Grenade / Shrap Bomb 3% increased damage down from 5%
    • Critical Grenade / Sharp Objects critical hit damage from periodic effects is reduced to 5% down from 10%
  • Engineering
    • Redesigned Custom Auto Loaders / Jury-Rigged Mods to additionally give: “Snipe / Charges Burst deals additional elemental damage to targets affected by Interrogation Probe / Shock Charge.”[/I]
    • Increased Electrified Railgun’s / Blazing Speed’s damage by 25%

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03.17.2022 , 09:11 AM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by JackieKo View Post
Crisis on Umbara
  • Reduced the health of and damage done by the turrets during the Technician Canni and Shadow Assassin ElliVaa encounter in Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint - Master Mode.
I'm not surprised to see Umbara getting nerfed, people regularly see that they've got Umbara Master Mode and quit before the first boss.

However it's not and has never been the first boss that is upsetting them. It's the knowledge that the last boss is usually impossible for random players and if that's not killed they lose all the completion rewards.

The last boss of the spider tank doesn't seem to be mentioned, is it the understanding of the team that players are struggling to kill the first boss?

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