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Data Driven Services: There is barely enough of each required npc's to interact with which has the proper debuff to coincide with the quest.
Counterfeit Tokens - Nar Shaddaa: The Dire Skull Informant in the PVE instance was red but locked with 1 HP. Mission couldn't be completed unless swapping to the pvp instance. Completion doesn't count towards the Dubious Odds mission.
Counterfeit Tokens - Mek'sha: No issues with the Informant. Completion doesn't count towards the Dubious Odds mission.
Drinking from the Cantina Bar if you get the "Taking a Drink from the Well" - "Feeling Speedy" buff. You really don't feel speedy with a speed of 0 and you're unable to move unless you click off the buff. The random insta kills are a nice touch for a chance to get the Feeling Lucky buff.

Emperor's Casino Chips are crazy rare off the Kingpin's Bounty slots. The Emperor's Grace Slot, with the one chip for it I managed to get, turned black like it had shut off then gave me a jackpot after three spins.