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05.15.2020 , 02:15 PM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hello everyone!

With today's PTS update players can get a first look at what changes will be coming to the Nar Shaddaa Nights event later this summer. With that in mind, here's the feedback that the team is looking for:

  • New Daily Missions have been added on both Nar Shaddaa and Mek-Sha.
    • How do these Missions feel?
    • Are they rewarding?
    • Are there any issues when completing them?
  • Do the rewards for the new "Counterfeit Tokens" Daily Mission feel comparable?
    • Light side - grants a buff that significantly improves the odds on the kinpin machines but gives less tokens up front.
    • Dark side - doesn't grant the buff but yields more tokens.
  • How does it feel to have Mek-Sha become involved with the event?

Let us know your thoughts!

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