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When 4.0 dropped (October 2015), they re-did most of the crafting system, and of course the max crew skill level has progressively risen with each expansion *except* 7.0. (Yes, the latest expansion raised the level cap from 75 to 80, but there are no new craftable items that require levels above 75, and in fact no new craftables at all.)

All the trainer-taught schematics (and the schematics derived from them by RE) from before 4.0 were dispatched to the Archive (not Archived) section, and new trainer-taught schematics replaced them (but must be trained first).

In addition:
* Old purple second-tier learnable-by-RE schematics were deleted - they are no longer in the game at all.(1)
* Random world drops of moddable gear shell schematics (often weapons, but also some armour shells) still happen, and mostly they do not go into the Archive section when you learn them.
* Some crew skill missions still drop craftable schematics.
* Learning schematics from something your character's crew didn't make is no longer possible.
* Trainer armour schematics are now all fixed-stats adaptive,(2) usable by any class.
. 6.0 made other changes to crafting, which resulted in crafting being mostly useless unless you want Biochemistry consumables and reusables, or augments, or dyes and colour crystals of colours that only exist by crafting.

(1) Unlike when people call a thing where new ones can't be obtained but old ones continue to exist "removed from game", these schematics really were deleted. They can't be obtained, and the ones you had are no longer there.

(2) "Adaptive" is an armour-weight class that means, as it always did when the game used the word, "adapts its armour-weight to the heaviest the wearer can wear," so "fixed-stats adaptive" is not a contradiction in terms.
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