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04.27.2021 , 02:51 PM | #30
I see. Yeah, i can understand your pov on this and it actually makes a bit more sense now. But i still don't understand why BW is worried that the apex fight is easier and they want to make it harder, but still keeps nim crystals in game and allows us to do some nim fights with only one tank. You see, for each reason we find for changing the apex fight, i can see it happening in other fights in other ways and i'm like, this isn't fair, they decided they didn't like this one specific way of doing a fight, but pretend a lot of other things that are basically the same stays on the game. I'm not against crystals or using 1 tank on some fights to remove dps checks. It's about double standards and taking time/effort to fix things that were not an issue but we still have some bugs that are a big issue imo. Like, doing dp nim timed and you bump into more bugs on Calph that will make you wipe and miss timed. And players have to be creative to work with those bugs and find a solution when a fix would solve the problem. I've actually seen a team missing timed cause after one wipe Calph decided he was never gonna stop casting his enrage thing, so they had to go out, reset phase and timer was gone. They did get it eventually, but you see my point? Sure, if they wanna fix or change apex, go for it. But fix other stuff also, don't stop on apex. Also, if it's about the extra dmg he gets when he has 20 stacks, would make more sense to just remove this debuff from him.