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04.27.2021 , 11:02 AM | #21
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I know some teams were using it on EU servers. The problem to me is not if the fight will be harder, i've done both strategies, each one of them has its ups and downs (i play on EU server), sure kiting makes the fight easier, but so does taking a team full of pts to Nahut nim, 2 sin tanks to tfb nim first boss, 4 sins/sorcs to styrak nim for the pushes. Even some tacticals can be included on the list of things that make a boss fight easier. Should they also be removed just because you're skiping a certain % of tactics when you use them? My problem is with BW taking action against something that was never a problem. If it was something like "if you stealth out and retaunt the boss, it bugs and stops doing dmg to the raid", i'd agree with them. But it's just people using their classes in a way that makes the fight easier.
Tacticals make fights easier, and it's intended to be the case. Ignoring 80% of mechanics is not as intended, if you can't see the difference there... Bw Skeleton team obviously isn't going to pump any meaningful updates/fixes however Dxun is current content, one would expect them to rollout updates to this operation first.