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PSA: One thing worth noting for people is that although 244 = 242 stat wise in the big picture, there are some differences worth noting when deciding which individual piece to keep if you have a 244 and 242 piece of gear or weapon.

Armorings/Hilts/Barrels: 244 > 242
-Armor Rating & Force/Tech Power are based on the numerical rating of the Armoring/Hilt/Barrel slot. Since 244 is the larger number, it is the better option. Although it has the same Mastery & Endurance as 242, it will provide more K/E Damage Reduction and Bonus Damage/Healing due to the higher Armor Rating & Force/Tech Power. Also 244 is significantly cheaper to rip and repair than 242 due to the item qualities.

Mods: 242 > 244
-244 mods are A type mods meaning they have higher endurance and mastery than non-lettered mods but lower power. For this reason, the Bonus Damage/Healing gained from a 244 A-type mod sits between a 234 Purple & 236 Legendary mod making 242 significantly better than 244. The higher endurance is a non-factor for DPS/Healers and should be ignored.

Enhancements: 244 >= 242
-Statistically speaking 244 and 242 are 100% identical in every way as far as your character's performance is concerned. The one thing 244 has over 242 is rip and repair costs. Legendary gear costs a significant amount to repair or rip from a shell where as Blue Prototype quality is fairly cheaper to rip and repair.
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