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06.17.2015 , 02:46 PM | #43
All I want is to have my husbands and one boyfriend (Tharan Cedrax) back.

I want to be 100% sure and I mean 100% SURE that Bioware will do testing, retesting and even more retesting BEFORE early access, that my husbands KNOW I am their wife. Not this crap we got with SoR where only the Republic spouses knew we existed and only the Imperial Agent spouse knew we existed because I'm STILL pissed off that Quinn, Andronikos and Torian didn't mention a damn thing about us being together.

I'm not expecting much, JUST if I'm gone for years, my husbands were worried or whatever about me. And not one word or line and that's it.

Quinn is married to the Empire's Wrath who spent the majority of her time wooing, flirting and trying everything she could to get Mister Prim and Proper to drop his guard and marry this powerful Sith Warrior.

Andronikos is married to Darth Imperius, a member of the Dark Council who agreed to marry him and went off to do so. He's a pirate for heaven sakes and she STILL wanted him.

I won't go into the other 6 males you can marry, but suffice it to say, my husbands need to come back. Plus I need both Iresso AND Tharan back cause my Consular has a kid with both.
Bioware, please remember our companion spouses when doing new expansions. I want scenes, letters, or something from them, saying they're worried!

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