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06.04.2020 , 11:35 AM | #1
Ok i know google and i know that it give tooo many results to actually be helpfull....its sadly too good in what it does.
So im going to ask you people that maybe got that material already.

The thing is, after the movies and clone wars, what are the source of the lore people talk about in the forum?
I foud some wikies about starwars but those should actually get their material from somewhere, i suppose.

Is there some good book, movie, anime, whatever that can help understand beter the different part of the starwars world?

Dathomir witches...where they come from? We got the fashion here but not witches themselves in the game...i saw a little in the first few season of clone wars (ventress actually from what i ve been spoilers please)...but there is some book (or any other material) for example?

Mando creed is another thing that make me curious after watching "the mando"....or more likely the powertech...considering how he fight...

But everything from the creation of sith and jedy up to now would be interesting.