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Hello There!

Servants of the Force is a Community focused on training Jedi within a mobile Enclave setting, traveling across the stars to assist in the restoration of the Jedi Order. We offer an immersive Master, Padawan Training System that will move at your pace as a player. We focus on the development of personalized stories, as well as community stories where we work together to drive back the oppression of the Sith Empire and be the light that shines when times are darkest.

We’re a well established RP guild and we have years of roleplay history and experience to delve into. We spend our time writing character driven collaborative narratives with a focus on character development and growth, bolstered by the multiple story events, and long term event arcs that our members excel in.

Our goal is to make the experience a unique one in that we are a mobile Enclave. This Enclave will grow and travel from the Jedi world to Jedi world as interactive stories are woven together to create a greater guild narrative with the purpose of driving character development and impact.

May the Force be with you always,
Servants of the Force Leadership

Server: **STAR FORGE**
Inquiries via discord: < @Grhymes#5168 >