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Yes the amount of CC's in this game is on the side of stupidity. I agree.
That was one of the reasons I stopped playing I think during 4.0 along with my main Hatred assassins being class murdered.

Everything has some hard cc and mot much to to about them. a 12 sec or 8sec interrupt and a 2m or 1.30 cc break that does not give you immunity so you can just be hard cc'd right after using your Cool Down.

Some things are balanced some are not. some classes are balanced some are not. Just be happy you were on a jugg to fight 3 on 1 for 40 minutes. Juggs have good Cool downs for sustain.
The only reason I could survive was my companion was healing and in the end, did all the fighting too. Kind of underwhelming, really... and not great game design. If being held or stunned or something gave you a couple of seconds of immunity, that would help. If that also applied a "buff" that would increase the duration of that immunity should you get controlled again, that would be better.

So, for example, if I get held, and break out, I have 2 seconds of immunity. When that wears off, I have (say) 5 seconds of resistance. If I'm held again during the 5 second period, when the hold wears off, I'd be immune for 3 seconds, and would have the resistance buff for 5 more seconds. If I'm held AGAIN during that period, the immunity would get longer still... and longer each time I'm re-held during the resistance period.