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Sigh... Yeah, that line from Kira really mucks up things. More than a year is an indeterminate amount of time, which really tosses any speculation of the timeline out the window, with the baby, the bathwater, and the whole wash basin.
I think it also sort of rips out the bathroom itself and throws it right after the baby xD

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Okay, so Kira and Scourge do their thing with Tenebrae's body at the same time we're doing our thing with Tenebrae's spirit. Then they spend "more than a year" in a coma before Satele finds them. Then they show up on Odessan after Hearts and Minds, which is after Ossus. That means that all of Iokath, Umbara, Copero, Nathema, Ossus, Dantooine, and Hearts and Minds takes between an entire year to a year and 367 days. If it had been 368 days then that would have been two years and I'd hope Kira would have said two years in that case, but probably not. Even if we assume standard rounding, thus 1-1.49 years is "more than a year," and 1.5-2 years is "almost two years," that still leaves a whole lot of wiggle room and could still (quite likely) put us in 3628 BBY (25 ATC). Remember, that "more than a year" can't include anything from Onslaught because they showed up on Odessan before Onslaught.
I think your supposition is quite sound. I'd only add that, if Kira meant between 1.35-1.49 years she'd have said "nearly a year and a half", or so I think. It's of course speculation, but because she said "more than a year", I'd place it between 1-1.34 years.

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At this point the timeline is as tangled as the Giant Spaghetti Monster.
Which is exactly why a post from Charles Boyd or someone else from the story team would really help! However, I have no idea what to do to bring this thread to their attention. I tried to get Charles Boyd's attention over Twitter the entire last week, but sadly no luck there

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There's one more thing to take into account while calculating the particular timeline with Kira and Scourge : we see Satele at the end of "The Nathema Conspiracy" (if leaving Theron to die), which would place her finding Kira and Scourge after Nathema.

If we go by rl time, there's a whole year between the end of KOTET and Copero + 6 month between Copero and Nathema, which would place Satele finding K&S roughly a year and a half after Tenebrae's death. They would then have spend more than 1 year but less than 2 in their coma.
We know they spend more than 1 year in coma, but not how much time passed between them being found by Satele and them popping up on Odessen during the short "Mysterious observers" story bit.
For all we know another year could've passed between these 2 events without changing what Kira said.

So, i still think that rl time seems pretty plausible as also being the ig time.
But i'd still also like to have an official word about that, as we still are all speculating
I understand where you are going, yet there is one important flaw in what you say:

Kira and Scourge tell us that they destroy Vitiate's original body at the same time as we destroy his spirit in chapter 9 of KotET. We can assume that the plague his original body released threw them into a coma fairly soon thereafter, at most there was a few days before they succumbed to it. So the "more than a year" they spent in that coma happens directly after the events of KotET, not after a year or so as you stated in your speculation.

Still, as you say, it's all based on speculation. So, an answer from the story team or Charles Boyd would clear up any confusion that's left
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