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05.26.2020 , 03:13 AM | #74
Yesterday there was a brief discussion going on in one of the RP servers I am a part of. It was a friendly discussion between roleplayers while debating the issue of the in-universe year, but it just showed how much confusion there exists.

The issue arose because Wookieepedia lists the events of Onslaught happening in 23 ATC on one page, but simultaneously also states they happen in 24 ATC on another one. Which shows that even on sites that work to convey the lore of Star Wars in the most accurate way are confused on this topic.

It's why it would help the lore of the game tremendously if the story team told us their perspective on how the timeline looks. If the story team shared their thoughts on what year SWTOR currently is in, that would help to clarify things immensely.
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