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Sadly, no response from Charles Boyd over Twitter about this issue yet. But that's understandable! It's been the weekend so I can imagine even the devs want to take a break from their work when they're off on the weekends. Or well, I assume they're off on the weekends...

Anyway, I will try to tweet this thread and its topic at Charles Boyd tomorrow again. Perhaps he'll notice it then! And there really are a lot of players who would like answer on this question. It's not an issue that will go away at some point, as players will keep asking about this and will want to have an answer. The RP community alone keeps asking this question in Discord servers and chats. I don't see why the the devs can't come out with an answer as to the in-universe date, it would clear up a lot of confusion and speculation!
Tomorrow, 24 May, is a holiday in the States (Memorial Day). The BW offices may be closed.
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