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Want some good flying with slightly longer times under fire before your ship disintegrates into an expanding ball of plasma underneath you? Try coming out for a Stock Ship night event! Play GSF in a character you've never played GSF before in, roll a new character for the event, or if you have a dedicated Stock Night character dust it off an pull it out of carbonite deep freeze storage.

Open to pilots of all abilities, we'll shuffle people around on teams to aim for decent balance in matches. If you have a microphone/headset look up the GSF Discord, Link (note, link expires after the event), and take advantage of communication during the matches, it does help. This isn't specifically a tutorial event, but if you show up and have questions about GSF there will be people able to answer them.

Stock Night, Custom Matches. Stock ships with stock components, and no upgrades: T1F Starguard/Rycer, T1S Novadive/Blackbolt, T1G Quarrel/Mangler, T2G Dustmaker/Comet Breaker, and the decimus/sledgehammer. Any crew you like. September 25. Start time: 9 pm UTC, 5 pm EDT, 2pm PDT. Server Starforge.
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