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They don't show up for me, even after fixing them, maybe it's bugged or BW just thought nobody would notice.
Unfortunately, the monument "fix" on Corellia doesn't display. I watched, eagerly, but the display holo flickered and vanished again...I guess we have to settle for the idea that they have the KOTOR party's names on them.

One of the Sith commanders on Corellia gives his orders from the vessel Tears of Taris. Fondly named after the historic event.

Several family names seem to last for a long time. There's a Senator Dodonna in the Smuggler line (Rebel General Dodonna, anybody?) and a Jedi Knight contact on Nar Shaddaa by the name of Rieekan (possibly related to the rebel General Rieekan at Hoth's Echo Base in ESB).

There's a scavenging (I think) mission that sends your companion to an old estate on might actually mention it was the Matale estate, I'm not sure.

The Imperial Nar Shaddaa questline in the upper industrial sector has an interesting side tour
Actually, the game has a lot about the fallout from the Star Forge and related technologies; most of that is in flashpoints.
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