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Conquest is non-functional for Republic side Begeren Colony as well. Conquest tab shows "Next Event Starts In" and a blank area where the timer is. Five planets showing are Belsavis, Hoth, Oricon, Section X, Tatooine.
"RP'ing is super important, right? As a Star Wars game, people being able to immerse themselves in that world is very, very important. But having an instance or a server type dedicated to that doesn't necessarily like enforce a ruleset of you having to RP there. So what we felt was more important was making sure that we can build toolsets for RP'ers, things like being able to make your own chat channels and work within those chat channels and things like that. So know that it's very important to us that RP'ers have the tools they need to roleplay but we didn't feel that actually separating an instance type just for it was necessarily the right solution. So you're not at all forgotten. We definitely want to make sure that RP'ers are accounted for in those changes that we made."
Eric Musco, 2016 April 5 SWTOR Producer Livestream - time reference 13:22 - 13:57