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01.14.2015 , 03:11 PM | #8
Thanks keyboardninja- such a great utility especially with the gear changes and upgrades post 3.0.

Has anyone been able to determine new ideal stats for the bosses in ravages and temple of sacrifice?

Sparkly - defense - mostly kinetic damage
Bulo- shield/absorb - I don't see my defense helping much and had to swap out for this fight
Torque- defense? Not sure what is best here
Master/blaster - ?
Coratinni- ?

Malaphar - defense
Walkers - shield/absorb
Under lurker - defense
Commanders- ??
Revanite -??

This is just me experimenting I am no where near KBN level - so looking for some advice on what other tanks have discovered works.

I have a bunch of hard mode logs if you need

Ebon hawk empire