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Always wanted to figure basics of GSF out but felt like there isn't a good venue for it? Wellp, your feelings serve you well, for the in-game tutorial is awful! This event comes with few mini lectures of sorts, Q&A bits but most importantly, you get to fly to places at peace and shoot some moving targets in a controlled environment where nobody is out to kill you 3000 times while you figuring the game out.

- - -
8th of May. 10 pm New York Time!

Star Forge

Republic side
- - -
  • Event will be all about ensuring things remain inclusive and educational for brand new pilots.
  • Designed for people who know nothing about GSF but would like to!
  • Very useful to have few veteran pilots in the mix though, to help with few things.
  • We'll be doing GSF maps in pvp challenge mode!(Challenge mode= premade custtom match that has just us participating. It amounts to a controlled environment where one can figure stuff out at peace. Nobody will be there shooting you with lasers.
  • Discord more or less required. You don't have to talk but you must be able to hear!
  • Exciting opportunity to immerse yourself deep in broken Engrish spoken with an authentic Finnish accent! Consider it a cultural expedition!
  • We will NOT be doing traditional capture the sats or DMs etc. Instead, we just use the maps for training exercises and pull a fun bomber event originally designed by @Sylvi Have you participated in the bomber event before? Know that this will be a more straightforward version for new pilots, not the real deal!
  • This won't be a tournament or such. Nobody cares how many kills or deaths you manage.
  • Never tried GSF but feeling kinda curious? Now is an excellent opportunity to jump in! If you have 0 matches played before this, the event is planned with you in mind!
  • Easy to step in. Lvl 1 character rolled 5 minutes earlier can join, as long as we manage to get you invited to the Ops group. lvl 10 character (or beyond) recommended though. How much or little GSF ships you have boight/build by the time we begin doesn't matter for this.
  • We focus on covering basics of the flight and letting people at peace, basically. Certain things that are better explained in writing won't be touched much. Like ship builds etc. Speaking of ship builds, Jinnora's excellent manual has you covered.

  • Please sign up, don't just show up! It is important to have some idea of the amount of people inc. Sign up here or send me a PM. Making sounds on rep side /gsf custom chat channel around 10 pm NY time is another, less optimal alternative.