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11.05.2017 , 11:44 PM | #3284
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But, they aren't calling it a server merge- this is a massive new expansion!!! United Forces!

See, not a bad thing like mergering/consolidating servers due to massive player loss and eliminating data centers (and removing the APAC player base as a result) to save money and prep for maintenance mode - it is an expansion! It has a name!
Also - sad irony; pvp/ops ppl want busier servers, but these merges drive off those who would que up/play with them because of new ping rates, and those who don't pvp/ops won't que up anyway or if they do it might be just to mess with the pvp/ops just to spite, (not that I would ever do such a thing ). Pre-mades won't be any better off either. lose-lose. I'm sure these points have been made by others on this thread (329 pages! ).

The much-touted fact of this being an MMO (all hail the definition that is written in stone by pvp-ers) is moot. The pvp MMO commandment: "Thou Shalt Group. Any Refusing to Group Must Depart to Hell Immediately. The Righteous PVP hath spoken." (This is how the adamant end-to-discussion "THIS IS AN MMO, you are in the wrong game/genre" pronouncers comes off as, IMO ). Lol, so sad. "Massively Multiplayer Online" doesn't dictate how people play.