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If you set your filters to the correct category, "Technological: Artifacts", and then browse through the list, it will show up in the listing with the correct number available, the correct image in the preview window, and you will be able to place it in a stronghold (if you do, in fact, own it).
^^ This. You can also find it with a "datacron" search but only if the Technological category is selected.

In my spreadsheet I have it listed under the correct category. Maybe to be thorough I should add the bugged listing with a note. Something to include when I get around to doing the 6.0 trophies update.

Quote: Originally Posted by Adric_the_Red View Post
Still disappointed that you can only own one of these.
Yeah, weird arbitrary limits on decos are frustrating across the board, but this one is particularly egregious. Not sure why they feel a need to limit the number of decos you can have considering it's the accomplishment of having achieved it that matters, not the number you get, but if they're going to insist on limiting something so that people can't just fill a whole stronghold with one deco then at least something in the 10-50 range would be nice.

Quote: Originally Posted by EHKodiak View Post
Holofire Jedi Knight Statue - Can be purchased from rep vendor, but lists 0 in the decoration list and the preview is completely wrong.
Forgot to add about the above: You can still access and place this deco (and every copy you unlock is correctly unlocking), you just have to have a hook selected first, either a Medium or a Large. If you have one of those hooks selected, it will show up in your menu on a scroll through the Civic category, or you can also find it on a word search.

It's definitely a menu/UI bug, though. There are too many of those, like the Malgus statue also mentioned, and the Datacron, not to mention those missing decals and terminals which I strongly suspect are menu bugs rather than decos that were fully made and missed in a release somewhere.

It's more than a little frustrating, because many forum regulars have posted about these bugs in many very thorough posts, and one would think that tooltip/menu bugs would be easy fixes, and yet no fix every happens.

At this point honestly the one deco menu/tooltip bug I would want fixed above all others is for them to finally rename the freakin' decos they've duplicate-named that are overwriting other decos. For some, like the Stoneray or Iknayid or Hanging Vines, you can wiggle around it by having the right hook selected first, but for others it's just impossible. Whenever I'm entering new decos into my spreadsheet I find those duplicates in two seconds flat, because, duh, spreadsheets tell you when you're entering a name that's already been entered. It boggles my mind that they don't have the capability (hard to believe) or the willingness to do a safety check on deco names before they add new ones. After we'd called this out many many many times, they still went ahead and duplicated the Merchant Stall: General Goods name with 6.0. It hurts the brain.