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02.19.2020 , 02:06 PM | #1
I found an old post from 2018 which had many decorations that were missing or broken, and though many have been fixed between now and then, there's still a few that are left over. I've included them below as broken as of 10/11/2021

Decorations that list as their source as Cartel Market, Cartel Packs or Bundles, but which are not actually included in those packs or the cartel market.

Acklay Solider (Probably a typo in the files somewhere for 'soldier')
Bolraida - Plunderer Pack
Battledroid: Alliance - Armed Resistance Command Pack
Covered Light: Green - Armed Resistance Command Pack
Overcharged Iokath Transport Tube - Armed Resistance Command Pack
Zakuul Console - Force Alliance Pack
Festival Flags
Explosive Fuel Tank
Hazardous Material Tank
High Voltage Capacitor
Pressurized Coolant Tank
Void Crystal Container - Marked as Ossus Achievements, but does not exist
Shifting Crystal Container - Marked as Ossus Achievements, but does not exist
Onderon City Wall - Marked as Onderon Rep but do not exist
Luxurious Oval Rug (Purple)
Corellian Zoo Decal
Corellian Zoo Poster
Decal: Recharge Area
Heroic Weekly Mission Terminal
Heroic Weekly Mission Terminal (Imperial)
Heroic Weekly Mission Terminal (Republic)
Seeker Droid: Imperial
Seeker Droid: Republic
Sign: Danger
Sign: Keep Out
Sign: Watch
Starship Fuel Tank
Propaganda: Victory Protocols - Activated
Imperial Travel Station
Republic Travel Station
Ood Bnar Memorial - States Ossus Achievements but isn't available on any achievement.
Desert Assault Speeder - Doesn't exist in game, and has a broken model in window
Jedi Memorial - Doesn't exist in game, and is a copy of the Orgus Din Memorial in the preview window.
Zakuulan Striker - Says Dread Warlord Pack, doesn't exist in game
Z-88 Blackjack - Says Eternal Command Pack, doesn't exist in game
Umbaran Mantorr - Says Vendor: Umbara, but is not on that vendor and instead the Indigo Mantorr is.
Technolith Remote Miniprobe - Says Republic Iokath Vendor, does not exist in game
Gurian Starfire - Never in the game
Copero Resort Rug - Doesn't drop from A Traitor Among the Chiss FP
Illumination Probe Crate - Doesn't drop from Blood Hunt FP
Manned Blaster Turret - Colicoid War Games - Doesn't seem to drop even though the chest can now be looted
Corellian AA Turret - Doesn't drop from Operation Meridian


Decorations that are broken in the list or have a duplicate name

Commemorative Statue of Darth Malgus - this was broken when the Return of Malgus Statue was brought in, and now the decorations menu lists both under the same name. Screenshot
Datacron: Dark vs Light - Shows 0/0 in the log, preview window shows a log with crates, and this is different to the achievement decoration. Screenshot
Iknayid - There is a pet with the name, and also a large hook creature from the Exotic Creatures bundle that share the same name.
Holofire Jedi Knight Shrine - Have numerous copies of it yet doesn't show in list, and bugged display in preview window - Screenshot
There is a decoration that looks like a trolley from spirit of vengeance flashpoint at the start of the decoration list with a blank name


I'm more than happy to provide more information on these if requested with screenshots, just let me know.