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The only real way to get into operations is to join a casual PvE guild that has regularly scheduled training Operations on the weekly calendar. Many guilds do that on NA servers that I know of. Very relaxed in gear requirements, will help you gear up, and will explain every fight before it starts (on every single run of every Op.) Search for a guild that does “training op”.

Many such guilds also tend to have heavy restrictions on bad behavior, bad attitude, and toxic discussions. Not to mention rules against bullying new players and members. Ability to listen in Discord will be required usually. I can suggest reliable names on Satele Shan or you can visit SS forum.

SWTORista created a site where you can search for guilds.
This! I am part of a guild that runs regular ops and at different levels. We have a newbie night once/week and do imp side/pub side SM once per week. They take a few minutes before each boss to walk through the fight and what to do/not do, provide direction during the fight as needed, and always allow for people new to the op to watch the cut scenes. If you are looking to dive into ops I encourage you to find a guild to learn the ropes, and then you'll be more confident to join fleet op groups recruiting for runs in chat.