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11.23.2020 , 09:58 AM | #1
so 6.2 is just a re hash of what Disney did with star wars Rise of skywalker because catering to 1 percent of influencers bring back former emporer which is constant theme of star wars which is just poorly written storyline that Geogre Lucus gave fan since 1977,

because he could not come up with anything new.

There is plenty of ways to move on from Vitiate about time developers did so as it make the game so dam boring like daily war zone cheating constant lopsided nerfing to bolstering shooting characters to the bugs that plague online games that never get fix.

So disappointing swtor has to follow George Lucus and Disney pathway which does not bring the game forward and is constantly just bring back same old characters that are meant to be dead and buried reality tell you followers of the game are losing interest you would think new storyline would have a new villian and yet lets bring back the same villian.