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So 6.1 on Feb 11th, then 6.1.1 and 6.1.2 in a "couple of months" after 6.1 is live?
The undertone of impatience in your post suggests you labor under the impression that there's a sea of office cubes in a big room somewhere at EA housing dozens upon dozens of programmers and content developers at their keyboards toiling away on just SWTOR...

I suspect there's 6, maybe 8 full-time dedicated SWTOR coders, and that's being generous. If they have more working full-time on SWTOR at the code level than that, the rate at which updates occur certainly isn't reflective of that, certainly not on a game that they decided is best left buried on page 7 of their software offerings on their website while apparently in the middle of developing an EVE knock-off.
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