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01.29.2020 , 02:03 AM | #52
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So it's a copy and paste roadmap from last year? I swear they said the same exact thing. Guess I can look forward to running more Hammer Stations!!
To be fair you are not obliged to always do Hammer Station or Red Reaper, you can roll all 30 Flash Points and do what you want. I like HS cause its damn easy and I am just farming for gear, and even for that I do select 10 other FPs instead of going direct to it. People will always choose the easy way if given the choice, and this gear grind makes it damn easy to do any FP you want. So if you are fed up in running HS or RR you really cannot blame it on Keith or BW, as in reality you have the choice to do all the other 30 or so FPs and actually omit HS from the list. I mostly PvP in the game so for me any FP is a headache, but hey since our drops are still bad, I am still getting 294/302 gear even though I am 306 on all eights, I have to do some PvE for that BIS mod or enhancement.