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Okay let's add more confusing explanations. OP is describing not godawful but still far from perfect dps.
  1. Be aware of your surroundings and learn thy enemy. In PvE, healer mobs (may have "medic", "sawbones" etc in the name) should usually die first.
  2. Things to know about the kill order: silver mobs usually hit the hardest, gold star mobs are tanky and weak mobs (without a star to their name) are just swarming but also have an added quality of being susceptible to lots of CC from damaging abilities. Not too dangerous, usually a good idea to clean them up first but don't go running 40 meters to kill one and then back just to preserve the "kill order". Be reasonable, try to AoE them down.
  3. Even if you're not a tank, try to control mobs so that they're easier to kill - gather them up, stun/interrupt heals and other nasty stuns, consider throwing in some group defensive like sniper's diversion when fighting big packs in FPs.
  4. Do not focus the big tanky guys (described above) but ideally don't tunnel vision and put down small mobs first no matter what. Commonly, a good idea is to use your big single target hitters on the big OR dangerous mobs while utilizing aoe skills to deal with more common rabble. For example, a lightning sorc should consider using thundering blast on the single gold star mob in the pack while rotating aoe skills (CL, force storm...) on trash.
    To this end, KNOW YOUR KIT and learn where your class stands in terms of aoe vs singletarget damage.
  5. IF you fear being overwhelmed, kill mobs one by one and rotate CC instead of the 4). 4) gives better dps, 5) (and the original post) gives better survivability.
  6. Parse on a dummy at least a few times if you're playing a dps spec.
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