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06.09.2020 , 08:47 AM | #14
EVERYONE needs to be AWARE of what's going on.

Look at which NPC is shooting at whom.

DPS need to stop attacking some other target IF the healer is getting mauled by adds or one outlier enemy NPC.

Of course, if YOU are getting mauled, drag em to the tank or wherever the healer has planted the AoE heal.

No one should be laser-focused on one target unless there IS only one target.

Look around.

See what needs to be done.

Help whoever needs help.

Understand if the tank has to keep an NPC "over there" and can't run around the battlefield to draw aggro.

Keep an eye on each other.

Know YOUR characters' abilities.

But, you should know your teammates abilities, as well. At least in general.

Being helpful makes things more fun and goes faster and tends to not devolve into "toxic".