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First, you tell DPS to target the weak/small enemies first.

Then tell them that if the big enemy outlives the small enemies then they're not doing their job right. Even in that second part you contradict yourself.

Maybe just a typo but it contradicts itself.

I'm not going to link specific posts, or tell you the post number, as that could be construed as calling out people. Now bear in mind that I have my forum settings to show 40 posts per page, so this is all on the last page of that thread for me. There are 20 posts on that page, 6 of them are about problematic tanks, and 3 of them are about problematic healers. Yes, some of those posts are about the individual's attitude, but there seem to be a lot of posts about people with bad attitudes, and only one of the posts on that page is about a poorly played DPS. Even on the page prior with 40 posts there are plenty of posts about tanks and healers. You want to say that the community is swamped with DPS players who don't know how to DPS, but it really seems like there is an even split across the board of people who just don't know how to play their class and have an attitude if you try to help them. While some will consider bad attitude a separate issue I have found that bad attitude often goes hand-in-hand with poor player skill.
Oh that serves me right for coming on forums when I'm sleep deprived. I've swapped small for big on the part that was wrong. x)

I maybe don't disagree with what you're saying but I'm personally experiencing bad DPS a lot more than bad tanks or healers. but given that I'll see DPS players more than twice as much as healers or tanks then the ratio makes sense that I'll see more bad DPS players than bad healers or tanks I guess.