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08.24.2020 , 12:28 PM | #190
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Great point, I'm working on a list of companions to consider at 75.. Something like this:

Shae Vizla - Imperial Memorabilia, Military Gear
Veeroa Denz - Imperial Memorabilia, Underworld Good
Z0-0M - Republic Memorabilia > Maintenance
Any 2 Blaster user (QO-77, Theron Shan, Vette, Nico Okarr, Hemdil Tre, Andronikos Revel)
Scorpio - Maintenance
2V-R8 - Maintenance
C2-N2 - Maintenance
Koth Vortena - Delicacies
Major Pierce - Weapon, Military Gear > PVP > Delicacies (imp)
M1-4X - Republic Memorabilia > PVP > Maintenance (pub)
Darth Hexid - Cultuural Artifact > Delicacies
HK-55 - Military Gear > Maintenance
T7-01 - Technology > Maintenance
Looks good =) can you please clarify for me of darth hexid and ranos which is the higher dps?
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