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Disclaimer: Zoom Uses all of her heals, even if she doesn't need to. With this setup, other healers didn't need to use one of their heals, which would offset the results a bit. I'm still looking for good places to test them.

Heal Parse 5mil heals in fixed uprising content1 (reduced healing):
Level 1, Z0-0M (1 Blaster Pistol) 12813 - 6.1.2d
Level 1, Raina Temple (2 Blaster Pistol) 8624 - 6.1.2d
Level 1, Banshee (No weapon) 8386 - 6.1.2d

Treek made it to 1.4 mil heals before she died.
Level 20, Treek (Blaster Rifle) 6578 - 6.1.2d
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