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I think the biggest change they need to make is to show us what our success and crit chances are on things before we initiate them. I have a bunch of gear that increases success chance or crit chance, but I don't know what the total values are or what exactly they mean. It's possible that some of these problems are more about the interface failing to communicate what we can do to be successful.

Also, give green mats with all missions
I can tell you if you want to know.....
The whole formula broken down to bite sized bits

CRIT (All Bonuses are checked on crew skill finish, offline skills "finish" at login)
Base Failure Rate = 0% Grey, 1% Green, 5% Yellow, 10% Orange (and it looks like +5% global in 6.0)
Sub_Bonus = +10% for Orange, +15% for all others
Base Critical Chance = ROUNDDOWN( CompLvl * 0.5% ) + Sub_Bonus + Legacy_Bonus + Guild_Set_Bonus Guild_Perk_Bonus + Guild_Skill_Bonus
Amp Critical Chance = Amp_Totals

IF( Roll1  > Base_Failure_Rate )
    Check for Critical
    Give Jawa scrap

# Check for Critical
 IF( Roll2  < Base_Critical_Rate + (Amp_Critical_Rate *  (1 - Base_Critical_Rate)) ){
    Give Critical Amount
    Give Basic Amount

EFFICIENCY (All Bonuses are checked on crew skill start)
BASE_TIME = Varies for each crew skil item, but an example is 4hrs for Invasion force crafting
BASE Efficiency = ROUNDDOWN( Companion_Level * 1.5% ) + Guild_Set_Bonus + Guild_Perk_Bonus + Guild_Skill_Bonus
Amp_Efficiency = Amp_Total

Time = (BASE_TIME * (1 - Base_Efficiency)) * (1 - Amp_Efficiency)

you can often ignore the display values in the crew skill window, since
A) they haven't been right since 5.10 (some bonuses get applied to the wrong stat)
B) They have NEVER included the Sub Bonus
C) they usually don't include guild bonuses, and definitely don't include Amp bonuses
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