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Quote: Originally Posted by Berin-Tath View Post
Several of you said something like "now it's all about money".

Um...what was it about before?

This game was made to turn a profit. If you can't handle that, move to a country where making money is a bad thing. People don't make games for fun. Even WoW was made to turn a profit.
That's an interesting point. WoW was certainly made to turn a profit, but how did they go about doing it? They released only when their game was polished to their satisfaction; they launched with plenty of content, especially for a game that came out when it did. They responded relatively quickly to provide players with more options on what to do and how to play. Whether you currently like it or not, it's undeniable the game has its own charm, flavor, it what you want.

In short, they created a quality game and banked on it making money. EA...took a different path, shall we say.