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Funny how poor old swtor never gets included when Disney / LucasFilm or even EA themselves discuss EA Star Wars games. Itís like the adopted child no one wants to acknowledge or take responsibility for,
I noticed that as well, but recent discussions on that are all over the map. A couple of common topics:
  • LA has been "in talks" with Ubisoft 'for a year' - so D knew that they were going to be expanding, and obviously kept any re-staffing of LA very hush hush. The CT's ponder wither it was to hide it from the consumers, or from EA.
  • One one hand, EA/D failing to put any light on SWTOR kind of leaves SWTOR in limbo as to whats next. Lots of possibilities between both extremes of that pendulum.
  • On the other hand, it also leaves the field wide open for another developer to tackle another SW MMO, maybe even multiple MMO's from multiple developers. There is another option, but it is rather out there in the realm of 'realistic possibilities', but we'll see.
  • Unknown variables are what sort of allowances a/o restrictions would/do exist for such a venture (eg: does it have to be Disney canon or can they delve into the 'abandoned' legends; is disney pulling a Lucas and cordoning off certain time frames /characters /events as no go zones; etc)

Whatever comes next, it gives me that warm tingly feeling just knowing that LA is "back in business", and that maybe there is hope yet... time will tell.
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