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Firstly, while an operative is cool and whatnot, a deception sin can phantom stride > kill > stride > kill repeatedly moving far quicker about the place than an operative, who is stuck waiting for their abilities to cooldown (The deception sin gets a discharge after each stride).
I'm sorry, what is this good for again? Maybe it will make deception a tiny bit better for the brontes clock phase only. You can use it for farming conquest, but the toxic haze does the trick for that as well.

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Secondly, if you're doing some EV farming you'll hit about 35k with a lethailty op while a Hatred will go up to 42k in similar gear.
OMG not EV!!! that's like the hardest thing ever (if you take out literally all the other ops, wbs, half the fps, eternal championship, all personal stories on veteran or harder, and staring at the wall for more than a minute without blinking). With that advantage I could save ... a whole minute!!! Excuse me while I go delete my op.

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I don't dispute Operatives are very strong in many places, however since Darkness exists for Sins and Medicine for Operatives they both have outstanding functionality and really, you're just making a PVP comment for the most part, to which I would agree I do favour my Op more than my Sin in PVP these days.
99.99999999999% sure the TC was talking about dps. but sure, in PvE ONLY sin tank is not complete garbage.

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Funny how the tables turned, it used to be the other way around a good while ago.
omg, that was like 8 years ago. Get over it already. seriously, op mains from 2.0 are the biggest whiners ever.