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01.15.2021 , 03:17 PM | #8
I've seen many posts on the forums of people asking to improve rewards or medals if they play objectives. Devs have tried to make victory a necessity in order to have more rewards/credits/exp.

I think we are tackling the wrong problem.

I don't mind trying to encourage players to play the objectives, but the real problem is that there is no unranked deathmatch game mode players can play. Even valuing all objective points a lot and rewarding players enormously if they win, they are only going to change the way they play very little. We should not try to reform or change the players, we should separate them.

There are no "objective" problem in 8v8 unranked warzone if people queue there because they WANT to play huttball and other obj maps. At the moment, people queue for 8v8 unranked because they have no choice. Those people want to improve at fighting and for ranked : the only way to do it in 8v8 is by not playing the objectives. This is why 8v8 unranked warzones are the worst place where to improve at the game for ranked PvP.

Solo unranked PvP arenas fix this "objective" problem in 8v8 unranked PvP. No need to add additional medals around objectives or more restrictions like the devs have done those last months.